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*Re-opened for submissions till September 15th 2018*

Area 51 is a project of a slightly different sort. Unlike other tales, this collection relies heavily upon audience participation.

If you haven't already, go ahead and give the YouTube video up top a click. It's okay. We'll wait...

Checked it out? Good.

So, what we're looking for are first-person accounts of alien encounters. Survivor stories, if you will. We'll check them over for authenticity (or at the very least, well told and entertaining lies) and share them here.


5,000 word maximum

1st person point of view

Must be about a close encounter

Stories to be submitted in full for posting here. Authors will be credited accordingly.

Stories may be based on personal experience, but the men in black would appreciate it if you stick to fiction.

Please email your submission to

By doing so, you, the author, agree to Wattpad Scifi (us) posting your work with full credit to the author. You also agree to the Men in black choosing to withhold any submission from public view.

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