Recordings, and sweet fans.

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"Would you guys maybe wanna get mikey and Calum then go out to eat somwhere?" Luke asked. Ashton and i agreed and I said I would text them.

To Cal-pal🍏🍋: hey cal. We're going out to eat we can stop by and pick you and mikey up if you want to?

To Lilah🤗🌸: yup! Sounds like a plan see you soon!

I told me boys that they were down for it and we arrived at the bus a few minutes later. Mikey crawled in from and Calum came back and squished me over until I was in the middle of them.

He giggled and Luke laughed as they sandwiched me in the middle of them both.

"Boys." I said rolling my eyes. We finally found a parking spot and all got out of the van.

"Cal?" I asked.

He groaned. "Just get on." He said crouching down.

I giggled and hopped on his back.

"How did you know she wanted a piggy back ride?" Michael asked Calum.

"Cause this lazy arse always wants one." He said and I giggled. He put me down once we got to the door and we stepped inside. The waitress took a step back widening her eyes. She knew us. I giggled at her reacting and Calum elbowed me. "Hey!" I said pouting. He snickered and then the waitress lead us to the table.

"I wanna sit by Delilah!" Ashton said.

"As long as I get to, to!" Calum said. I rolled My eyes and sat in the middle chair. They say down beside me and we orders our drinks.

"When's our next concert?" I asked.

"Tomorrow." They all said and i nodded.

"How did recording go? Michael asked us all.

"Pretty good ash and I got most of our solos down and some of the back-ups to. You'll probably need to go in before soundcheck tomorrow though." Luke replied. And Michael and Calum nodded.

"How about you?" Calum asked me.

"Pretty good." I smiled. "I got some songs recorded and the back rounds. They said I'm improving a lot." I stated.

"That's good! Can't wait to here you tomorrow." He said.

"Not that your voice isn't perfect anyways." He muttered quietly. I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

The boys started cracking up, seeing as they heard it to, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Did you hear that?" Calum asked.

I laughed and nodded as he groaned hiding his face. The boys couldn't stop laughing, and I was biting my lip trying not to. The waiter came with the food and that stopped the laughter. Calum sighed in what I think was relief and I giggled. We ate our food then walked out. I climbed on Calum's back again and he just chuckled at me.

We started to walk to the van which was a couple blocks away until we heard screaming. We all looked behind and five teenage girls came up to us.

"OMG IM SORRY TO INTERRUPT BUT CAN WE MAYBE HAVE A PICTURE?!" They screamed and I stiffed up a laugh. Calum put me down.

"Here let me take the photo." I offered.

"Wait can you be in it?" One of them sweetly asked.

I smiled. "Sure." I said. We got someone walking by to take the picture.

Each of the boys had put a girl on their back and there was me and the one sweet girl. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her neck. She took my hands and held them as we all smiled for the picture. We looked at it and it ended up being really cute.

"Thank you so much Delilah." The sweet one said. While the other girls and guys had a conversation we had one of our own. I learned her name was Ashley, she lived here in the u.k, she had actually became a fan of me before she was one of 5sos, and told me once I responded to her comment a couple years ago. "Your the prettiest girl I've ever met inside and out. Stay strong Delilah. Also you and Calum would be adorable please make Dalum a thing." She said and I couldn't help but blush a bit and also smile. She was so sweet. I thanked her for the sweet comment.

I also laughed at how she remembered and I told her to give me her Instagram. She did and I followed her. She thanked me and then the boys said we had to leave. She said goodbye to them and I took a quick selfie of us on mine and her Phone then we took off.

"She was so sweet!" I said as we crawled into the van.

"She seemed like an actual non crazy fan." Calum chuckled and I agreed.

We talked about that for a while till we arrived at the bus. We got inside and all changed into comfy clothes. Calum suggested we watched movies so we ended up watching comedies and other movies. I was laying between Calum and Ashton. Today felt like an actual normal day. No concerts, no fights, no interviews, just recording and us being friends. Calum hadn't done anything about yesterday which kind of made me sad. Maybe it was a one time thing. I felt my eyelids drooping.

"De, go to sleep we'll wake you up tomorrow." Calum whispered in my ear. He pulled me closer to him and I fell asleep faster than I ever have before.


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