Chapter 11

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I wake up with a large headache and sore arm. I groan while sitting up, feeling my head. I take in my surroundings.

How did I get here?

Trying to recall my memory, I realise that I do not remember anything that happened last night, and I have absolutely no idea why I am covered in scratches and bruises. I stand up nearly tumbling over but hold onto a chair. I look around and see bright light shining into my face from the window in the mall. Blinded, I covered my face to suddenly see Alessandra standing nearby infront of me.

"Yo dude, what happened last night. Looks like a mess in here." I say with a croaky voice to her.

"Everyone got drunk, and things went a little awol. I tried to stop you all but- Yeah, there was no stopping you guys."

She held out a bottle of water to me, so I immediately snatched it from her hand and swallowed it down my sore, desert dry throat.

I look down, rubbing my empty, rumbling stomach, when suddenly I notice Alessandra vanish from my eyesight. Nevertheless, I begin to walk over to Mcdonalds to eat whatever I could find, but happen to see mouldy burgers and rotting lettuce, tomatos and chips. I gag at a nearby putrid smell, so i leave and decide to just eat a tin of baked beans.

Walking over to Keefe's pie shop, I see Hayley, Tehya and Joyce sitting down on stalls also rubbing their heads. I see chairs knocked over, tables upside down and glass smashed all over the floor. Damn, we really were drunk last night.

"Well today I think that we should start packing to leave, we can't stay in this mall forever. And besides, we need to keep hunting for more werewolves and vampires. The people out there need us." Alessandra suddenly declares, popping up from around the corner.

"Yeah, alright then." Hayley said as she began walking. We all followed after her, leading us to the giant castle of toys where our back packs are. We separated each other going into all different shops to gather more supplies for our adventure ahead.

I grabbed dehydrated food as well as tins of beans or whatever was useful to fill our stomachs up.

When I could no longer fill up my bag, I went back to the toy castle to meet up with everyone. Everyone was waiting there except for Hayley

"Hayley!" Joyce spoke loudly.

She did not respond back.

Sighing, I begin walking around, not wanting to deal with any of her games. As I keep walking, everyone else does the same. That was until I heard a packet of food fall onto the ground. I swiftly turn my head around to see a packet of sour Skittles spread along the floor. I quickly run up to it to hopefully see Hayley around the corner.

"Rarrr!" I shout while jumping around the corner with my hands in a claw slashing position. The smile I had on my face disappeared like a ghost, as what I see happening in front of me, is one...very unexpected.

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