IV - The Heartbreaker Heartbroken

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One Year Ago

- Aiden's POV -

     I never wanted a soulmate. I hated the whole idea of it. I had control over everything in my life except for who I would spend the rest of it with. It was stupid. I was about to become the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the United States and I couldn't even pick who would lead it with me. Alphas should be able to pick and choose who they want to. What does destiny know about what makes a good partner?

     I knew who Jade was; Elijah's sister. That's how everyone knew her. She pretty much kept to herself and didn't bother anyone. She wasn't part of any clubs and would skip all the parties thrown by the students here. I had a slight interest in her because of the mystery surrounding her. Most daughters of an Alpha would use the status to their advantage, but she didn't. Although, the mystery wasn't enough for me to accept her as my soulmate, so I rejected her.

    Her snappy comeback made me believe she was okay with it. Until she immediately turned to run out of the school. I felt a pain in my chest I had never felt before. As if my heart were being ripped out of my chest. I started to feel bad for what I had done. I fell on my knees confused beyond belief. If I knew rejecting her was going to cause me so much pain I would have never done it.

     I stood up to shake the pain off, but nothing was helping. I had to go after her and find a way to make the pain go away. I sprinted out of the school and once I was away from everyone's view I transformed into my wolf. My wolf form was one of a kind. I had a full black coat with one white patch of hair near my forehead.

     I sniffed the air for her scent and was shocked at how good it was. I felt it miles away ahead of me. There was no way she made it that far. If she did she would have to be incredibly fast. I was impressed.

     I raced after her. The pain wasn't getting any better and it was making it hard to run. The closer I got the farther away she seemed. I followed her scent as best as I could until it crossed over into a territory of a minor pack my pack wasn't in agreeance with. Shit, I couldn't go any further without starting something.

     I turned around defeated and ran back towards the school. Losing her put me in a bad mood, so I decided to skip school and go to a local arcade place to chill until school was over. I knew the guy that owned it, Kody, who had his apartment upstairs. Hopefully, he'd let me rest there since the pain within me was starting to become unbearable.

     Thankfully, Kody was more than happy to lend it to me, no questions asked. I walked up the steps to his small studio like apartment and rummaged his cupboards for some pain killers. Once I found some I swallowed the recommended amount and laid on his couch. I took out my phone and texted my soon to be Beta, and best friend, Evan, telling him where I was. I then set an alarm at the exact time school ended and decided to take a nap. Once I wake up the pain better be gone.

     Hours later when my alarm went off I awoke to the same pain I had before. I groaned frustrated. The pain had died down, but it wasn't completely gone. Why did you have to run off, Jade?!

     I ran back downstairs and thanked Kody for letting me stay. I walked out of the arcade and saw a familiar face coming my way. " Yo, Aiden. Why'd you skip the first day of school?" Evan asked me. I noticed he was carrying my backpack I had lost somewhere between the rejection and the chase.

     " I felt like it." I shrugged grabbing my backpack from his hands. He looked at me with narrowed eyes," I know you're lying to me, but hey, I won't pressure the answer out of you. Whatever you do isn't my business, yet. Once I officially become your Beta you're not keeping one thing from me." Evan claimed. I scoffed throwing my arm over his shoulder," Yeah right. Evan, my dear friend, you do understand when you become my Beta I get to order you around, right? You have to do every single little thing I ask." I smirked as his smile fell. " Everything?" He questioned nervously. I looked at him smuggly," You bet, but let's forget that for now and instead have a race back home." I suggested. His face lit up," Oh, you're so on!" He dashed ahead of me. Our small competition helped me forget about the pain and the rejection for awhile.

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