The Moon in my Heart

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The Moon in my Heart

By J.C.Blackburn

I look up in the sky and I see the stars. I can see the shapes that the stares are making, the bright and beautiful and amazing, it's like God created the stares and shapes for humans like me to fall in love in and still have something to believe in. I look up to the moon most of the time and stare at its beauty, and feel the warmth that it gives off.

It's like the moon is there to remind me that love will always be in my heart. The warmth of the moon is like the love of a woman I once felt long ago. Even though that love is gone the warmth had never left, I believe that the love is still in me but I just don't want to feel it. As I turn my head I see my friend Froy coming.

"Hey Jason there you are." Yes my name is Jason. "I have been looking all over for you. What the hell are you doing up here all alone." Froy said. I close my eyes and I turn my head back towards the stares and look at the moon again.

"I don't know, I'm just thinking to myself. You know, I feel the warmth of the moon sometimes at night, just like tonight, I can feel it. It's calling to me Froy, I know it, I feel it, and it's trying to tell me something I know it. But the thing is, I just can't understand it." I said.

I close my eyes again and try to imagine again what the moon was trying to tell me. But I saw nothing; I still don't understand what the moon is telling me.

"Jason, I'm worried about you man. You're my best friend and you just haven't been the same since Maria died last year, I know you really loved her but please stop acting like this." Froy said.

"You know I did love her, she was my Fiancé. I was so ready to marry her. I just wish she didn't have to work that night, I remember when the officer came by my house and told me she was hit by a drunk driver and killed." Tears started to run down my face.


"You know I will never forget that day because that was the worst day of my life, I will always remember that day because it's in graved in my heart. I remember meeting the drunk driver too; I never forgave him and never will forgive him for what he did to me." I close my eyes then open them towards the moon.

"She's up there, watching me, I know she is I can feel it in my heart. She up there watching over me and she is smiling at me. I know she is, she always smiled at me." I close my eyes and see her smile. "I see it Froy, and I can feel it." I stood up and walked to the door.

"Now I know what the moon was trying to tell me Froy. It was telling me that my Fiancé said, I love you baby and will never forget you." I look back at the moon. "I love you to baby, and I will never forget you as well." I walked through the door as my friend followed me. I walked down the stairs with my friend by my side.

"Jason, listen to yourself, your not making any sense at all man." Froy said. I stop at look at my friend.

"You know, there are a lot of things that don't make sense in this world. Some people won't understand what I'm saying but that doesn't mean everyone doesn't understand. Just because you don't understand anything, other people may understand, and that's not your fault. Everyone on earth is different in their own ways." I continue down the stairs.

"Then help me understand Jason." Froy said.

"I'm sorry Froy, I can't help you understand, and this is something that you must learn to understand on your own." Froy and I walked into the kitchen and we started to cook for no reason.

"Hey Froy, can I ask you something." I said.

"Sure Jason, what is it." Froy looked at me. I looked at him and said

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