Chapter 1

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Two years later ...

"Go!!" I whisper yelled at Ace and Weston. They nodded and ran to the back of the building. I motioned Travis and my other three men to go around the building while me and other five men will go to the front door.

Travis quickly obeyed. I smiled to myself. This is gonna be fucking fun.

I heard gunshots in the back of the building then inside. I saw five men who guarded the front door looking anywhere and fear written all over their face. Damn. They are so amateur. I chuckled to myself as I pulled my trigger and shot two men who fell down immediately. The other three men looking nervous then shooting anywhere. I keep hiding behind the trees with other five men. I smirked.

They only wasting their bullets. Once I heard the gunshots stops. I motioned my other men to shot them. They did. Total five men were laying emotionless in the front if the building. I came out from my hiding and ran to the front door.

This is what I love , killed my enemies.

Once I opened the door. The sight in front of me was priceless. The fuckers who called themselves "StrongSkulls" are tied to the chair with my men all around them pointed guns on their heads. The leader glared at me. I chuckled and walked to him.

"Hey what's up ?" I asked normally as if he didn't sit there tied to a chair and Weston behind him pointed his gun on him. Damn. This is fun. I thought.

"Cut the crap , what do you want MGK ?" he yelled at me. His face look priceless. My men laughed along hearing his question. "Well well isn't it obvious that I dislike you and your stupid gang" I stated with annoyed face.

"Let's just kill this motherfucker" Weston said annoyed too. I smirked. "Not yet West. I need to offer him a deal for his life" I said. The leader looked at me like I was crazy. "MGK tell me what the hell you want !!!" The leader demanded. I chuckled.

"Shut up you prick, don't tell me what to do!!!" I said then punched his jaw. He hissed but didn't say anything again.

I laughed.

"Stupid fucking prick , I will give you a chance to work for me if you won't then I'll end your life and your men here will be six feet under!" I yelled on his face. He flinched. I watched some of his men swallowed hard.

This is what I love. People fear me. They will never dare to betray me again. I'll make sure of it. Irene, Ben and Selene are enough for me to not being sweet again.

"So what do you say ?" I asked but the leader looked away. He must be in his early twenties , his men look young too. I noticed this gang been messed in this city last month but I keep quiet. I had enough of their craps so I attacked them. This is what I do for the last two years to forget about my baby and selene. I closed my eyes as I remembered that horrible night. I lost my baby and my only love.

"Answer him, bitch!!!" Weston shouted at him then kicked his chair till he fell to the floor. I smirked. "Yes yes I will ... Work for you MGK " he said in defeat tone. I laughed. "Good choice. What's your name ?" I asked as I stood near his head. He was still laying on the floor.

"Lenox , my name is Lenox" he stated as he glared at me.

I patted his head. "Well Lenox I am sure you'll be good pet" I said then eeying his men.

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