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-Elenoria go to sleep..-Chris was telling me

-No.-I said looking directly in his eyes

-Agh!-he yelled angirly

His hands got me by my shoulders and his black eyes looked in my blue ones.

-Go to sleep...-his voice sounded like sweetest melody, but I was stronger than he thinks

-No.-I clamly said

-You are impossible!-he said giving up

-So.. Can I go?-I asked who knows how many times this evening

-No!-he yelled from the chair

-But I am not human!-I said in my defense

-But you aren't vamire as well..-he said

-Chris I can take care of myself!-I said wining

He closed his eyes and crosed his fingers leaning them on his lips with thinking face. I was one step away from him patiently waiting for his reacition and desition. In a second he jumped kncking me on the floor with bth of his hands around my neck. Fear was multiplying in me as his lips went to my neck, I felt his teeth on my neck.

-And you are dead..-he said getting up

I put my lips in strong line.

-I wasn't ready!-I said loudly

-You need to expect the unexpected..-he said siting back in the chair

-Still it isn't fair!-I said giving him best puppy face I could

-No. Elenoria he could kill you!-he said

-He won't I know him.-I said

-No you don't!-rage spook from him-You don't konw a fucking thing!

He grabbed my wrist and Ivan let the pain in my head.

-Stop! Stop!-I whinied

Pain I felt dyring Aduras touch was nothing compering to this. He let my wrist and I fel on ym knees catching my breat.

-You don't know anyone when they turn you, everything is blurr, all you want is blood. And that is what he will be searching tonight!-he said giving me hand to get up

I just turned my head away from him.

-I want, I need to see him.-I said

-Do you love him?-his voice was baerly a whisper

-No.-I said and I stoped

No I don't, or do I? He means a lot to me, but do I to him?

-No!-I said with more confidence-He is like my brother..-I said

-Than pick a nice dress for tomorrow evening..-he smiled

-El... Is everything alright?-Johan asked turning the knob

-YXeah i said still glaring at Chris

-You didn't hurt her!?-Johan gave Chris hatefull look

Chris put jhis hands above his head anmd smiled. I rolled my eyes. Johan wasn't to happy about me lying to him that I know Chris. It was prety akward when he saw him last night in my bedroom trying to ut me in bed to sleep. It looked so wrong in many ways.

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