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Xander stretched his back after working hours on the plan. Hearing a knock on the door, he said to come in.

Sam came inside and closed the door behind him. Xander breathed his scent....it had changed...it was good...and amazing. Had Sam changed his deo?

" Xander... " Xander immediately came back to his senses and looked at him. His face was glowing with happiness.

" She's my sister..... I met her....she's changed so much...more beautiful than ever." Xander smiled and hugged him, congratulating. " That's great Cole... so what now?? She didn't come with you? "

" No...she loves her family and they love her. I'll not break them." he said. " But....I can go and see her whenvever I want....and even she can come here. And one more thing- "

Xander nodded, asking him to continue, " - I'll like to be Sam back..... Now that Sara is back, I don't want to be Cole. " Xander smiled. When Sam had found his sister had died, he was depressed. Even Dina couldn't help him. After some time, he wished to change his identity so that he was no longer associated with his past. He became Cole, beta of Alpha Xander. Now that his sister was back, he wanted to be himself again.

" When will she come here?"

" Not now....maybe after a week or so. Till then I will go and meet her " Xander nodded and Sam left his office.


" So---how are you ?" Jordan asks Sara as he runs a hand through his hair, as they sit in the living room for another family get together.

Sara raised her eyebrow ," You've asked me this question like the third time ..... I should be asking you, seeing as Sam threatened you again " . Her eyes then met Sam who was watching with narrowed eyes at them but on Sara's gaze, he started talking to Jackson.

Sam came to visit Sara every other day from the last two weeks. He insisted on meeting ' the guy who had my sister's heart and soon her hand '. Even though Jackson had fulfilled his duty of the big brother, Sam still felt the need to do so. 

He had met Jordan a week after he had met Sara. As soon as Jordan had come to meet her, he had picked Jordan from his collar and threatened to do some designing of his body parts with his claws and canines if he dared to break her heart. Sam then made his duty to remind Jordan of the threat every now and then. But even Sam knew that Jordan loved and respected Sara. 

His now trouble was like that of Logan.....Sara was not a werewolf and would grow old....in front of them..

" I-I am fine.....it's just that we've known each other from a long time and... and I was just thinking if you would like to be with me even in future?" Jordan mumbled from shyness as well as from fear of Jackson, Logan and now Sam.

" Well ofcource... why wouldn't I like to be with you ?" Sara asked confused.

" No-no not like that.... I meant like we've been on dates already and I really like you......."

" I like you too Jordan "

" No- no I mean I like love you ......." He mumbled and Sara had to lean closer to hear him.

" Jordan, I really can't hear you "

" Wi-will you marry me ?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, he was across the room with Sam's hand on his neck.

" SAM... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Sara shouted as she rushed to free Jordan.

" He's doing alright Sara " Jackson said calmly as he stood behind Sam.

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