Chapter Four

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"After awhile you're looking the other way, it's those restless hearts that never mend..." - Eagles


I stood at my locker loading my backpack with the books for my first four periods. Luckily this year my locker was next to Emone's. Someone who could keep me sane during the school day. We stood talking about the concert from last night and how she was still upset that I texted Mason back. Well if she was upset about us texting, boy was she in for a shocker this morning. "Jelissa what's wrong with you? It's like you barely hear me." Emone sighed calmly as she fluffed out her puffballs before slowly turning my way as I turned away.

"See I knew I was right. You went to his place last night didn't you?" I hit my thigh as I whined a little like I always seemed to do whenever anyone asked about Mason, "But we only talked... I think. " I said looking in the mirror that hangs on my locker door and applying my favorite Smashbox lip-gloss. "What do you mean you think?"

"Well how would I know I was tipsy as hell last night." Emone chuckled, "Tipsy? Sis you passed tipsy at midnight. By the time you got home you were done for." We both chuckled.

"Anyway, we talked and he gave me this." I pulled the velvet box out of my backpack to show Emone and immediately she rolled her eyes, "Not another 'I'll never do it again' is it?"

I shook my head while throwing it back in the bag, "I'm afraid I think so. But I wanna give it back after school anyway." "Not after school today I hope? You guys are supposed to meet my cousin remember? The one who's supposed to introduce us to that producer from Atlantic."

I placed a hand on my forehead, "Right? I totally forgot," I got cut off, "Melissa, right?" I turned around to see a very familiar face I couldn't place. He was tall, had to be at least six feet, curls for the girls and perfect teeth. I gave him a once over to see he was wearing the long sleeved uniform shirt and his school shoes were a little scuffed up. I frowned, "Jelissa," I corrected him. "Oh I apologize ma, excuse me. You was at my job last night I believe this belongs to you." He handed me my ID from last night.

"If you ain't Melissa I take it you aren't 21 either," He chuckled and I cracked a smile, "No but close enough to it. Thanks uh..." I trailed off not remembering hearing his name, "August." He finished for me. "August," I repeated and he walked down the hallway to his locker.

I turned back to my locker seeing Emone smirk from the corner of my eye, "You think he's cute," She giggled. "I mean sure he is. But did you see him? He's wearing a long sleeved shirt and its darn near 80 degrees outside." I slammed my locker door shut, "And gosh those shoes" I sighed.

"Okay so he's a little rough around the edges. But... isn't that how you like 'em?" Emone asked with a smirk as we started walking to class and I kissed my teeth. "Look that August boy is the least of my worries okay? I just met him. I just wanna give Mason back that necklace and meet your cousin. Cool?"

"Bet." Emone said as we walked side by side into advisory.

The day was going by so slowly and our beloved Amber barely had anything to say to us. I wasn't surprised because I knew my girl had her moods, so I just let her be until lunch time. Emone and I sat in our usual spots in the lunch room when that August guy from earlier approached our table, "I ain't never seen nobody make a school uniform look so good."

"You should sit with us!" Emone smiled and watched him take a seat beside me as I internally rolled my eyes. I knew Emone was cracking up on the inside watching my interactions with this boy. But Mone knew I wasn't looking for boys or any new friends for that matter. People can be so fake and bring so much negativity to you, and right now, I don't need extra drama in my life.

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