I drove all over town. I didn't really have no where to be, so I started the car and drove to the mall. After walking to every store, i finally stopped at Claire's and every store that sold converses. which was a lot. I am one of those girls people never saw without sneakers. I wear them with everything.

I went in claires and walked around for a minute and ended up buying two chokers, the yin yang sign. The other half is going to be for for rylie. I went up to the register and paid with my card. "well i dont supposed to day is your birthday is it, ms... Matthews?" The cashier asked. I replied with by nodding my yes. "Well since its your birthday, you get to get something else for free." The cashier said. I wasn't sure.

"Thank you, but-" I hesitated,

"No, buts the charge is on me, so go get something else sweetheart. I saw you picked up somethings before and you put them back, go get them." They said. I went and picked up what I had before and gave it to the person.

"I never catch your name." I said.

"Jordan Clarke, And yours is..?" He said.

"Lisa Matthews."

"Well that's a beautiful name, just like you. Your name sound real familiar. Anyway here is your stuff and I hope you have a great birthday and I hope we meet again." He said with a big smile on his face.

As I was about to walk out the door, I stopped and walk back to him. "Let's stay in touch" and he gave me his number and I have him mines.

All day the same thing happened, I walk into the store, I buy my stuff, the cashier ask me if its my birthday, they pay for my stuff, and we exchange numbers. So far today, I got 9 people number. I walked to the car and put the bags in the car, then I drove to some other stores. I went in to American eagle for a dress to wear. I picked out some clothes, then I found a perfect strapless dress. I went into the fitting room and tried on everything on. I was surprised that I'm an S now. The first outfit was to tight. The second outfit had the pants tight on the hips loose at the legs. The last thing was the dress. I tried it on. It just fitted awkwardly.

"That's a beautiful dress" the fitting room attendant said.

"I know it is

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"I know it is."

"But it doesn't fit you.. you should lose some weight first.. do you need a bigger size?" they asked.

I sighed and shook my head. I looked at myself in the mirror. I needed a new look. I looked at my old dull hair. everything about me has to change with me. I went to the tattoo shop. I walked out the fitting room and out the store and went to the nail and hair salon. The first I got my nail done. I have never dye my hair before. After 30 minutes, I came out looking like a new me. For the first time I felt beautiful

 For the first time I felt beautiful

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