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Hey everyone! We will have multiple povs.

~Two days before the full moon~
Dallon's pov

Dallon noticed how Brendon's mood changed three days each month. He was either dark and brooding, pissed off, or tired. Being Dallon, he decided to investigate it. He marked the days Brendon was moody and noticed something. They were always on the three nights around the full moon. There could only one reason for Brendon's mood swings, as unbelievable as it was. Brendon was a werewolf.

Tyler's pov

"I think Brendon is a werewolf" Dallon announced to the small group consisting of every band member but Brendon.
"What makes you think that?" Tyler asked nervously.
Tyler was half werewolf, half human. As a partial, he didn't shift into an actual werewolf, he could just change into a wolf. He didn't have as keen senses as full werewolves, nor was as strong or as fast. His wolf form was the size of a normal wolf.
Tyler exchanged glances with Josh.
Josh was a vampire-human hybrid. He could survive off of the synthetic blood, unlike normal vampires who must drink human blood once a year. He didn't have the red or amber eyes of normal vampires and had no reaction to sunlight.
"You notice his mood swings every month?" asked Dallon. Several nodded. "They're always around full moons. And he makes sure that no concerts and tour dates are on the full moon."
"Maybe he's superstitious." Andy suggested.
"Tomorrow is the day before the full moon, see how he acts." said Dallon.

Pete's pov

"Morning" Pete greeted as he walked into the Panic! tourbus. Brendon was nursing a coffee and was listening to music with earbuds. He didn't give and indication of hearing Pete.
"I said good morning" Pete repeated louder.
"Mhm" Brendon finally and picked up his phone and started scrolling through social media.
Normally, Brendon would have started talking about something and would have apologized for not hearing Pete earlier. This was a totally different Brendon.

Nobody's pov

It was around midday and most people had met "Brooding Brendon". Dallon had documented the incidents:

Pete: Interacted with subject who was drinking coffee. Subject listening to music. Prompted to respond.

Kenny: Subject on phone, no indication of noticing when sat across from.

Patrick: Walked past subject. Subject sitting at table. No contact.

Andy: Greeted subject. Subject didn't respond.

Tyler: Sat across from subject. Trys to initiate a conversation. Subject responds in no more than five letter words.

~Next Day~

"Salutations" Dallon said as he came into the living area. Brendon was looking at his phone.
"Dumb it down a notch, not all of us went to college." Brendon responded, his voice laced in sarcasm.
"Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed" Dallon retorted.
"You can't wake up on the wrong side of the bed in a bunk" Brendon countered.
"A*shole" Dallon muttered as he walked out as he heard Brendon's teeth clench.
"Wow, you're still alive." Pete commented as Dallon strolled into the FOB tourbus.

Josh's pov

"What if provoking him makes him loose control?" Tyler asked in a hushed voice as they sat across from eachother in the TØP tourbus.
"Well, we can't figure out what he is" Josh replied, "You know he isn't a full-blood werewolf, and I can't detect any vampire scent from him."
"He is a partial, but I can't figure what is he a partial of." Tyler said.
"You've only been around werewolves and me." Josh pointed out. Partials were rarely accepted into packs or covens unless they were raised by the supernatural counterpart.
Tyler was raised by humans, so he was packless. Josh was a loner, being raised by humans. He was taken under the wing by a small group of human-born vampires when he became a fledgling, a supernatural who comes of age and gains the full abilities of their kind (shape-shifting, bloodlust, and more). They taught him how to obtain synthetic blood and to control himself. Then, he met Tyler.
Josh was coming back from the Distribution (When Syn-blood is distributed). He decided to cut through the woods. As he was walking, he heard something following him. He turned around and a wolf leaped at him. The wolf was mahogany with light brown underparts, a darker stripe running across his back with stripes branching off of it, and darker markings around it's paws. The wolf's unusual coloring made Josh think the wolf was a werewolf, but werewolves were much larger than this one.
"Get off of me" he said as he managed to grab it's scruff and haul it off of him. He let go, and the wolf backed away.
"Nice meeting ya" Josh said and then kept walking. He noticed the wolf was still following him. He turned around and said, "Don't you have a pack to hunt for?" He asked and the wolf's ears dropped. Then Josh remembered something one of the partials he met had said, "Werewolf partials are often packless of they were human-raised. They're normally not much larger than a normal wolf."
"Are you a partial?" He asked. The wolf's head cocked to the side. "Were you raised by humans?" He rephrased the question. The wolf nodded. "I'm Josh, a vampire partial and human-raised." He said. Then, in the blink of an eye, the wolf became a brown haired boy.
"I'm Tyler" he said.
"Earth to Josh" he heard Tyler say.
"Huh" he asked.
"Do you want pizza?" Tyler asked.
"Yeah, sure" Josh replied.

Dallon's pov

Just as he did the day before, Dallon documented Brendon's interactions with everyone.

Dallon: subject replies with sarcasm towards "Salutations". Grits teeth when called an a*shole.

Pete: subject angered when Pete bumps into table. Storms away angrily, no dialogue.

Josh: subject seems to be angered when Josh coughs several times. Says "Get a cough drop" before going to bunk.

Joe: subject angered when told to pick up discarded shirt..

Dallon closed his journal and then checked his watch which read 8:00pm. Then, he waited.

Extra long chapter to make up for the wait. Also, please read the author's note because I'm in desperate need for names.

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