Boyfriend Issues

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Here we go, another x reader, but with Hidan this time.. Now, to the lemon!

You were at a bar, trying to get wasted to forget about your recent breakup, some douche cheated on you. So there you were, drinking your alcohol and wasting your money.
"Give me another!" You called and threw the money on the counter,
"Hey there, I couldn't help but notice the way you were downing all those (name of your preferred alcohol), you interested in hooking up at all? It might help your issue here with what I'm guessing is boyfriend issues" Hidan persuaded, coming out from nowhere,
"Why the hell not?" You grinned and stood, not thinking straight from all the beverages. Hidan nodded and lead you to the back, once you were out there Hidan pulled out his sythe and was about to swing it down on you, when you raised your hands, he hesitated a little bit.
"Wait.. So no sex..?" You slurred. Hidan put his sythe down and smirked,
"If that's what you really want" he ripped all your clothes off easily and grabbed your breasts, "I never mind sex" he commented before leaning down and licking your nipple. You moaned and arched your back as he nipped at it, his hand trailing down to your wet pussy. He stopped to pull out his dick, you getting on your knees and took the head in your mouth. Hidan groaned and grabbed a hand full of your hair, pulling tight as he thrusted, making you take the rest. You gagged and choked but never pulled away, sucking harshly and looking up at him with your stunning (eye colour) eyes. He pulled out making a 'pop' as he lifted you up and slammed you into the brick wall, but you felt no pain, having too much alcohol in your system. He positioned it and as he was about to thrust his hips before you stopped him,
"I don't want kids. Put a condom on." You glared slightly,
"Fine," he grabbed one from his pants and rolled it on before grabbing you again, thrusting inside your vagina. You moaned loud at the dick inside you as he grinned, pounding into you ruthlessly. You wrapped your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair. Hidan groaned and leaned down, biting your neck. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as your scrambled thoughts disappeared, your only thoughts of the hunk (lol) in front of you. Hidan spread your buttcheeks to go deeper, somehow speeding up. You moaned loud,
"ah! Oh god~ fuck I'm cumming!"
Hidan didn't respond, instead biting harshly into your neck, drawing blood as he came. The warm feeling of his cum drove you off the edge, screaming in ecstasy as you came, clawing at his back. He pulled out after a couple more thrusts, taking the condom off and leaving it on the ground. Your legs gave out and hidan caught you before you fell, wrapping his cloak around you,
"Thank-you," you mumbled
"Well, I was going to sacrifice you.. But I think I'm going to keep you." Hidan smirked before adding, "you'll like it there"

Well guys, I'm going to attempt to update more, sorry for not. I'm not even going to give any excuses.. I love writing and I love making you guys happy.. Things can just.. Get in the way sometimes.. And on that note, hope you liked it!! Bye my little painions!!

~♥Pain out♥~

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