Trying Something New

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Hey peeps, two updates in one day! You're welcome. This is my apologies to make up for not updating in a while, this us another x reader.
yes I have to do a warning. some people don't think threesomes are correct, so whatever, Naruto x Gaara x Reader.. Here we go!
You sighed as you walked down the street, boredom increasing by the moment. Soon enough you spot Gaara and Naruto sitting on the swings, talking. You walk over to them,
"Hey guys!" You smiled
"Hey" Gaara looked over to you as Naruto waved happily
"(Y/n)! Good thing you're here, Gaara and I were going to ask you something!"
"Yes, Naruto needs some... Help.. See he's still a virgin.. And I'm interested in... A threesome." Gaara stated boldly as your eyes widened slightly,
"Why me?! Why not someone.. Prettier?." You blushed. Gaara and Naruto stood
"Nonsense (y/n)! You're beautiful!" Naruto grinned
"So what's your answer?" Gaara smirked. Slowly, you nodded, too shy to speak.
"Great, then we'll go to your house, since you live alone and aren't messy or in a hotel." Gaara started walking. You and Naruto followed, Naruto grinning like an idiot and you blushing massively 'I can't believe this is happening..'. Once there you lead them to your room. Gaara pulled you into him and kissed you. You kissed back, putting your hands on his chest, gripping his shirt. He pulled away and stripped you to your bra and panties.
"Naruto. Take off your clothes " Gaara told him, taking off his own. You all were stripped into your underwear and you got on your knees, infront of Naruto. Naruto's grin was gone and now he blushed as you took out his dick, stroking it with a big blush. Gaara got behind you and rubbed your pussy through your underwear. You moaned and took the head of Naruto's dick in your mouth, making Naruto groan and buck his hips. You took the rest, sucking harshly and moaning as Gaara ripped your panties off, shoving a finger inside. Naruto groaned loud and gripped your hair as Gaara thrusted his finger fast. You moaned and came, bobbing your head faster as Naruto's grip tightened, cumming into your mouth. Gaara and Naruto pulled out and switched positions. Naruto positioned his dick at your entrance as Gaara pulled out his dick. You took Gaara's penis in your mouth, bobbing your head as Naruto slowly slid it in. Once halfway, Naruto thrusted the rest in, thrusting fast and groaning loud. You moaned, vibrating Gaara's dick as he gripped your hair and face fucked you. You sucked the best you could, moaning. Gaara soon pulled out, and they repositioned so Gaara was under you, Naruto behind you. They both slid into your vagina slowly. You panted and moaned, drooling as they started to move, unevenly thrusting. As Gaara moved out, Naruto moved in, and so on. You moaned loud at the new sensation,
"Mm~ I- I'm cumming!"
Naruto and Gaara picked up speed, thrusting harder as well. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you came, nearly screaming. Gaara and Naruto groaned loud as they both came inside you. You let out another moan as you felt the warmth of their cum shoot inside you. They pulled out, cum dripping out of you as Gaara picked you up, walking to the bathroom and running a bath. Naruto, Gaara and you got in, cleaning eachother, things getting a bit out of hand...

Get ready for another round.

There you go guys!! Hope you liked it! Again, I'm going to try to update more often now, buh bye!

~♥Pain out♥~

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