Days Belonging

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It didn't take long before Mingyu and Wonwoo became official. It wasn't like it made any difference to them, seeing as they still shared kisses whenever possible, and their dates were still the same leisurely days they had before. They still slept separately most of the time, but on Mingyu's bad days, he'd crawl into bed with Wonwoo and they'd sleep snuggled against each other. The only change that occurred was that they could openly be together, and the people around them now knew.

They hadn't announced it to the world, but, before long, the people around them started to notice the little changes in the way they stood next to each other and the way they caught each other's eyes. Soon, just about everybody knew and wherever they went, they would always receive comments on what they were like as a couple.

Most of their friends were unsurprised at the news. In fact, most of them had the same reaction; saying that it was about time, that they were happy for them and everything along those lines. Seokmin was especially ecstatic, claiming that he had bet on them getting together since the beginning and that Soonyoung owed him some money.

Even Jisoo, who Mingyu had thought would frown upon the relationship, congratulated them. He explained by simply saying that Wonwoo was no longer a patient and whoever wasn't a patient would be fine to have a relationship with.

Everyone seemed to have been able to see it from the beginning, and so Mingyu and Wonwoo were in for blissful days as soon as the word had gotten out.

Their only concerns were their families. While being so kept up with each other, Mingyu had completely forgotten to tell them about Wonwoo's existence, and Wonwoo had forgotten to tell his family about his real feelings for the doctor. Of course, either way, it would have come as a surprise, seeing as none of them had ever bet on falling in love with someone of the same gender before.

They put off meeting their families for a while, instead, deciding to take some time to just live together.

Things became incredibly domestic; Wonwoo began cooking alongside Mingyu, they went shopping for groceries together whenever needed, Mingyu would always come home to a messy house and his nerdy boyfriend sitting innocently before the computer.

They began to learn each other's little perks and pet peeves and day by day, they got closer.

Of course, fights were a normal thing, but they always occurred as teasing and bantering rather than actual manifestations of hatred. They mostly occurred whenever Wonwoo left his socks randomly around the house, causing Mingyu to rant on about laundry baskets.

They refrained from their teasing whenever they had people over, but sometimes it came out anyway, and their friends began getting used to the sight of them lost in their own world.

Seungcheol and his two kids, Seungkwan, and Hansol, were the ones who came over the most, and eventually the kids became attached to the two. Wonwoo was Seungkwan's favourite, and Mingyu was Hansol's favourite. Mingyu's loveseat became the kid's spot in his place.

Their other friends were always coming over to do anything, and although Mingyu would complain about his place becoming a hangout, he would always open the door to them anyway.

Eventually, the group convinced them to finally go to their families, and so on a cold week of early December, Wonwoo and Mingyu went on a road trip together, their ultimate goal being revealing their relationship to their families.

They went south first to Anyang city and stayed at Mingyu's parents' house.

The two were greeted warmly by both his parents, and by his sister Minseo. The town and house were exactly as Mingyu remembered, making it easier for him to show Wonwoo around.

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