Chapter One Hundred Fifty Two

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When the two arrived to Hogsmeade in order to travel to the castle, Anora began to feel sick to her stomach and it had nothing to do with the pregnancy. The entire time that they were getting ready to travel for the funeral, she couldn't help believe that it was all some twisted sick joke. But as they arrived in the village, the solemn faces that greeted them as they passed some shops, only brought it home that Dumbledore was in fact, dead.

"I just can't believe it." she sighed resting her head on Charlie's shoulder. "I never expected the man to die and even if I thought of a scenario of his would probably be him dying in his sleep peacefully or choking on a piece of candy."


"Well, we cannot deny the fact that the man had a serious sweet tooth."

Charlie gave her a small smile, glad to see the woman in better spirits before he took her hand and led her in the direction of the castle.

When they arrived, the area where the funeral was being held was full of witches, wizards and creatures that had traveled from all over to pay their respects to the fallen Headmaster. Anora looked around to see that majority of the Weasley family had arrived. With so much happening to them, she was surprised to see everyone remaining strong, especially Bill. Even from a distance she could see the man's scars from his attack with the werewolf.

With werewolf on her mind, Anora searched for Remus to find Tonks right beside him, her hair had returned to the bubblegum pink that Charlie and Anora recognized as Tonks' happy color.

She caught sight of Nixie and Sirius sitting with Harry and Anora had to admit she was quite surprised to see Sirius at the funeral, but with his name being cleared, he had every right to be there.

Over a hundred golden chairs were set out for people to sit and with her feet already aching from the walk, all Anora wanted to do was sit down. She spotted Eleanor, Fred and George and pulled Charlie in the direction to go sit with the three.

She was scooting down the narrow aisle in their direction when she kicked Eleanor's foot startling the girl.

"Whoops sorry about that, I haven't been able to see my feet in months. It's terrible." Anora apologized to Eleanor with a smile.

Eleanor and the twins looked over to see them and immediately jumped up from their seats to greet the two.

"Ho..Mum said you probably weren't coming." George said looking to Charlie with a confused expression.

"Well, we're here aren't we?" Charlie quipped. "We had to come. We owe a lot to the man."

Everyone made room to allow Anora to sit, who simply plopped down out of pure exhaustion.

"My goodness woman," Fred shook his head at her, " you're wicked pregnant." 

"Oh this.." Anora pointed to her stomach, " nah, it's just gas."

The group of young adults shared in some laughter, hoping the bring some light to the sad event.

"It's probably from all those marshmallows you two have been roasted." Fred added.

Eleanor furrowed her brow in confusion looking at all of them.


Charlie shook his head. "Fred thought when we left for the dragon sanctuary that we were going to go there and roast marshmallows for a living."

Eleanor turned to Fred who shrugged. "Doing anything else there just seems rather pointless. I mean, I bet the dragons are certified in marshmallow roasting and if they aren't, you two aren't doing your jobs." he pointed to Anora and Charlie.

Anora and Charlie exchanged glances before they let out silent sighs and faced forward for the starting ceremony.

Charlie leaned into Anora whispering in her ear.

"And you wanted to make him the godfather?"

"I considered it at one point."

The funeral was heartbreaking to witness, but nothing made Anora want to cry more than witnessing Hagrid carrying Dumbledore's body to his final resting place. Silent tears trailed down her face as she did her best not to sob fully, but she found it harder and harder not to as the lump in her throat became harder to swallow. To see the two men that had helped her and Charlie get their dream jobs, in such a shattered state, caused her finally to choke out a sob. The pain on Hagrid's face was enough but to see Dumbledore's body appear so vulnerable and still, tore her emotions completely apart.

Charlie pulled her into his side allowing her to cry as he shed several tears himself.

Hagrid set Dumbledore's body on a table that confused Anora, until white flames, almost as white as her hair, shot up  as the table began to rise. She became distracted by the smoke that appear as it swirled into shapes and forms. But when she returned her gaze to the table, she realized it had become Dumbledore's tomb.

With the soft sound of the merpeople singing from the Black Lake in the background, Anora and Charlie approached Hagrid after the ceremony was over. The large man appeared distraught, his eyes red and swollen. He looked completely lost knowing that Dumbledore was gone.

The two approached the man and wrapped him in a hug allowing him to continue crying with some comfort.

"He was a good man." Hagrid repeated over and over. "No one like him. No one like Dumbledore."

"It's okay, Hagrid." Anora told him. "We're here for you."

Hagrid forced a smile on his face before looking at the two realizing how grown the two had become over the course of time he had last seen them.

"Well, like everything, he was certainly right about you two." Hagrid chuckled before wiping at his eyes. "He called it before anyone else did."

Charlie smiled. "He had a talent for that, didn't he?"

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