"Lock it!" Scott yelled.

"Does it look like I have a key," Stiles retorted.

"Grab something!" I yelled. I am not going to die at this hell hole.

"What?" Stiles asked.

"Anything!" Scott yelled.

Stiles suddenly perked up and looked outside. Me and Scott followed his gaze. He was looking at the big giant clippers they brought.

"No," Scott says.

"Yes," Stiles replied.

"Stiles, no don't," but I was too late. Stiles had already went outside to grab the clippers. He kept looking around to be sure the alpha wasn't anywhere near.

"He's crazy," but Scott wasn't focused on me. Something was creeping out from behind the jeep. "Stiles!" I yelled. "The alpha!"

Me and Scott started banging on the door. Finally Stiles looked up and saw it. Stiles quickly ran in as the alpha was running towards him. We held the door tight when Stiles got in. Stiles quickly locked the door with the clippers.

When everything got silent we all looked outside, but only to find the parking lot filled with Stiles's jeep and Derek's car.

"Where'd it go?" Scott asked.

Stiles shines his flashlight outside but still nothing. Finally we decide it's best to back away from the door.

"That won't hold will it?" I ask looking at Stiles.

"Probably not."

We all turn around and start heading down the hallway. Everything thing was quiet, then a wolf howl sounded. Scott, Stiles, and I all took off running into a classroom. Stiles and Scott quickly pushed the desk behind the door. Then Stiles stops.

"Stop stop. The door's not gonna keep it out."

"I know," Scott says.

"It's your boss."


"Deaton, the alpha, your boss."


"Murdering psycho werewolf."

"It can't be."

"He disappears and that thing shows up ten seconds later to toss Derek twenty feet through the air," I say. "That's not convinent timing."

"Its not him" Scott says.

"He killed Derek," Stiles says.

"Derek's not dead," says Scott, "he can't be dead."

"Blood shot out of his mouth," I yell. "That doesn't exactly qualify as a minor injury."

"He's dead and were next," Stiles says.

"Okay, just... What do we do?" Scott asks.

"Get to my jeep, we get out of here, you seriously think about quitting your job."

Stiles, Scott, and I rush to the window.

All I could think about was Derek. I can't believe he was dead. He was supposed to be the one to continue teaching me about being a werewolf. Without him I'm probably going to end up dying, especially since I'm living in a house filled with hunters. My parents are already talking about training me. I don't even know what to do anymore.

"Break it," Scott said, which snapped me out of my thoughts.

"We can make a lot of noise," I say, hoping he was referring to the window.

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