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Liam POV

We were seeing Diana almost everyday now. Every day we came to see her, and I looked into her eyes, a sort of fire seemed to light its self in them.

I was thrilled to know that she should be coming out of hospital in a month's time.

"Where am I going to go?" she asked worriedly, running a hand through her soft blonde hair "I asked the land lady of my old flat if I could have my old place back but she said that I've lost it. Also, I can't move back there. If Trent gets out he'll know where I am!"

"Hey I know!" piped up Niall from his seat at the end of her bed "Come live with us! We just signed a lease on a new house and we're gonna have a spare room cos Zayn's moving in with Perrie!"

She bit her lip, saying

"Are you sure that's okay?"

She seriously had to be kidding. How did she not know how much she meant to us even after only this short time?

"Of course Diana!" I practically yelled. "We'd love you to come live with us!"

"Okay..." she murmered "Just promise you wont turn into Trent"

We all crossed our hearts and she beamed.

"when can I move in!?"

 A/N Sorry its short :/ Got so much writing on the go atm and keep having so many more ideas! Its killing me!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Smiles xxx

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