Chapter 17

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Jun asked, surprised that Wonwoo actually knew what he wanted for once. Every year he had to guess, but Wonwoo was always content with the gifts he received, so over the years Jun learned that as long as it was from the heart, Wonwoo would accept it happily.

Wonwoo nodded while sweeping the floors,

"But, I don't know, they're kind of cheesy."

Mingyu's face distorted in confusion,

"Cheesy? What the Hell? Does he want pizza, I don't understand.", he thought to himself while listening to the conversation outside the class.

Jun chuckled and said,

"Tell me, now I'm curious." he said, taking a break from sweeping and leaning his head on the top of the broom that was prompted up.

"No, nevermind. It's lame." Wonwoo said, shaking his head as he just continued cleaning the classroom floor.

"C'mon, just tell me!" Jun pleaded,


"Wow, you're not going to tell your bestfriend. I see how it is." Jun said, and resumed cleaning

"Really. You're going to play that card?" Wonwoo said, with a funny look on his face. Jun laughed and said,

"Yup! You don't trust me anymore~ I'm not your bestfriend anymore~" Jun continued the facade as he honestly wanted to know.

"Just tell him, God dammit, I need to know too." Mingyu thought, impatiently waiting for Wonwoo's answer.

"Okay, fine I'll tell you!" Wonwoo became fed up with Jun's cringeworthy actions and tone of voice.

"Finally." Jun said outloud, while Mingyu thought the exact same thing.

"You better not laugh. If you do, I'll throw this at you!" Wonwoo warned and threatened, holding up the dust pan full of the things he had been sweeping up the whole time.

Jun laughed, and held his hands up in surrender,

"I won't laugh, I swear."

Wonwoo looked him in the eye, and slowly lowered the dust pan, as he sighed.

"It's really lame, and cheesy, and just- ugh." Wonwoo became flustered at his Christmas List, and Jun contained his laughter.

"Okay. The second one I'm not sure about but, for Christmas I want Mingyu,"

Mingyu listened closely to his boyfriend's wish, slightly hoping it wasn't too expensive or extravagant.

"To say 'I love you'." Wonwoo said.

Jun just looked at him, and Mingyu tilted his head slightly.

"Don't laugh, I know it's cheesy!" Wonwoo raised his voice before his bestfriend could say anything, the Class President's cheeks red, and it wasn't from the cold.

"That's cute." Jun said, and Mingyu agreed to himself.

"No~ It's lame~" Wonwoo whined, while rubbing his face in embarrassment. "It's just because he's never said it before, you know?"

"So why don't you say it?"

"Because! What if he doesn't say it back? Then it'll be awkward and embarrassing" Wonwoo groaned at the thought of the awkward situation.

"Maybe that's why he's not saying it to you!" Jun argued, Wonwoo shook his head,

"I just want him to say it first."

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