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A/N: This story is going to be slightly different then the regular WWE. Champion and main roster wise.

Hi I'm Alex Wolf and I'm the Ascension's Princess. Yep I'm part of those guys. Actually I'm dating one of them. Victor is My boyfriend both on and off screen. Tonight was my debut with them.

For about a month now I've been attacking random superstars and divas, I also had a few promos. No one could figure it out since I attacked in a cape in the dark. Tonight before my debut I'm making one last promo.

The Ascension was out facing WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. I stood in one of the storage closets ready to send out my next promo. A TV was behind the camera so I knew when to press play. I watched as Big E was about to hit his finisher. I pressed play on the camera, giving the Titantron the feed.

My hood was up and my mask was on so people didn't know who I was. Once I saw The New Days attention was on me I began. The lights were off. "Well now I have your attention. So you've all heard some of what I have to say, right? Well guess what you'll see me soon." I looked at the screen and saw Konnor behind Big E ready for the pin. "Oh and Big E your about to get pinned."

Konnor pinned Big E picking up a win. The camera turned off, that's when I knew it was time. The storage closet was by the stage. So I went running down the ramp. I was in the ring with The Ascension. We beat up the New Day. Getting missed reaction while we did.

Konnor took Big E, Victor took Kofi, That left me with Woods. I hit first. Well more of kicked Xavier, where it counts. He fell to the ground I kept punching and kicking him. Konnor and Victor pulled me off of Xavier. We stood over the New Day admiring our work. The Ascension's theme played and Raw went to commercial.

We walked backstage to be met by Renee Young. She asked, " Ascension who is this you helped tonight against the New Day."

Victor took the answer, "Well Renee this is someone who will be sticking around for awhile. Isn't that right, wolf?" Victor calls me by my last name Wolf to keep my name secret. You see that's our plan keep my identity secret for a while. No one has seen my face or head just the cloak. The cloak keeps me hidden. I nodded yes to his question.

"Can we get a word from you Wolf?" Renee asked.

I decided to be a smart-aleck and say, "Word" The Ascension and I laughed and left. We got to the locker room we share. After Konnor entered and closed the door I pulled of my cloak. "Wow that was exhilarating."

Victor came up behind me and rested his head on mine and rapped his arms around my torso. "Well Wolfe you now feel how I feel every night after competing." Victor kissed my ear.

"Wo get a room you two." Konnor said. He sat down on the couch we had. Victor ran over and being the kid we all are jumped on to the couch right next to Konnor. Almost falling on to Konnor. That lead to a slap fight between the two. Thus proving that WWE superstars are children like souls in a grown man body.

A knock on our door stopped the fight. I walked over and opened the door. Konnor and Victor mid slap. Victor was almost on top of Konnor and Konnor had his hand inches from Victor's face. At the door was Triple H. "Hello Triple H. What do you need." I said Triple H a little louder then the rest of the word as a way to get the boy's attention.

Both Konnor and Victor got off of each other quickly. Triple H saw but looked unfazed. He shook of what he saw. "Um I don't want to know. At Smackdown Konnor, Victor you'll be facing Baron Corbin and Finn Balor. The number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship. And Alex you just do what ever. Fans seem to enjoy you. That's it," With that Triple H left.

I sat down on the couch between Konnor and Victor. We watched the rest of Raw. I thought about what Triple H said. Fans enjoy what I do. It's great, I've always wanted the audience to enjoy what I do.

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