"Oh he didn't I tripped it's fine, can you take me to the bar?"

"Kamryn I saw him do it, tell me now or I'll find out myself."

"Because he thinks I'm a virgin." I muttered to which he replied 'what?' "I'm a virgin." I repeated.

"Yeah, no one wants a pathetic virgin around. Unless of course she wants me to take it. As beautiful as she is, man I'd love to pound her."
Niall pulled his fist back but before he could punch I stepped in front and grabbed his fist.
"Niall no, stop it!"
"Kamryn move!"
"Niall walk alway you're much better then him. You're a professional, what is he? Walk away you know this will be all over ESPN!" I panicked eyes probably bigger then golf balls. Anyway that must have caught Niall's attention seeing as he looked down at me and his expression softened.

"Let's go!" He angrily but softly put his hand on the small of my back. "I'm taking you to Hannah and then you're going straight home!"

Why do you care so much?

He took me to Hannah and now we were in front of my car.
"Don't come to a bar ever again Kamryn!" He snapped furiously.

"I won't."

Why do you care so much?

"Kamryn do you know how fucking bad that could have gotten for you."

Again why do you care so much?


"He might have beaten you up, took advantage of you! Get you drunk! Then when you stepped in front of me. What if I accidentally hit you! Kamryn don't do that ever! Get in the c-"

"Why do you care so much?" I covered my mouth when I realized what came out. Well that wasn't meant to come out.


"Oh uhm nevermind, I'm gonna leave."

"No, I heard what you said! I don't know why I fucking care, but I just can't let anything happen to you Kamryn Kelly." He came to me and pushed me up against my car cupping my face.
"You scare me when you put yourself in danger, tonight is a perfect example. You're to small to be in there and you can't handle yourself. I just can't let anything happen to you."

~flash back~

"Matt, why can't I go." I crossed my arms.


"Because why?"

"I just can't let anything happen to you!"



"Why?" I asked as if I were talking to Matt.
He looked down bitting his lip.
"I'd miss you."

He tucked some hair behind my ear leaning in to kiss me, but decided against it at the last minute.

"I'd miss you" he repeated.

"Niall wait." I grabbed his shirt before he could walk away.


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