Chapter 11

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Note- I am writing this while listening to One Direction, Drake, and Ariana Grande because I'm basic, so I apologize for any strange lines.

No one's POV
The solar eclipse is something of a dream. The moon passes over the sun too slowly for anyone's liking, and when it does, the somewhat dream is now something from a nightmare.

To most, the disappearing sun must look like a spectacle, a once in a lifetime experience, but to those who know what the eclipse brings, it is a death omen.

Once the moon has completely passed over the sun, everyone in Mystic Falls holds their breath, whether they know or not.

The white moon is now dark and black, the sun behind it shines out only slightly, creating a halo effect.

Yet it is not angels coming.

As soon as the moon has rested on the sun for a period of ten seconds, the sky turns angry.

Black clouds fill the empty space around the eclipse, until only the small halo of light from the sun is remaining.

The clouds spit out sharp pricks of rain, and eventually, bright lightning was also shot out, striking nearby trees with a ferocity many had never seen.

The black clouds stayed, swirling around each other in strange patterns, occasionally pausing to furl out and become even more menacing and terrifying.

Soon after this had all started, it began getting worse.

The rain began pouring and adding hail to its visit.

The lighting was more frequent and terrifying, not just hitting trees, but buildings.

Phones rang with different kinds of warnings: tornado, hurricane, blizzard.

The technology couldn't even figure out what was happening.

As the weather went crazy and the moon began moving from its spot on the sun, the clouds began moving together to create a giant monster cloud.

The large cloud flashed.

Some saw white, some red, some green. Speculations varied, but after that, they were all the same.

From the cloud came a nightmarish figure.

People scream, grab their children, run inside.

If only they knew they couldn't run.

Katherine's POV
"And so it begins." Damon muttered as we all watched the horrifying scene unfold.

Elena was gripping my hand tightly, but no one payed any notice.

They were all too busy staring up at the sky with the same expression as me on their faces.

The demon hovered in the air, not doing anything. I knew he had to be scoping out his next victims, seeing the easy prey first.

And as we all waited with bated breath, the demon lunged. We all ducked quickly as it soared past us and towards masses of screaming people we could already hear in the town square.

The first person to put herself together, Bonnie spoke.

"We have to go... Find who the demon is going to take advantage of."

Everyone else nodded, but no one moved. We were all still in shock.

The demon was unlike anything any of them had ever seen before. I had seen it, I had just never expected to see it again in my entire life.

"We have to go." Stefan said, snapping us all out of our shocked state again.

"Bonnie's right. We have an obligation to this town, to keep it safe."

Next to me, Elena nodded. She let go of my hand and I nearly fell. I didn't realize how much I was depending on her to keep me standing.

"Stefan's right." she said. Her voice was shaking, and I wanted nothing more in that moment then to grab her and run away to somewhere safe.

I didn't want to face this. Not again. Not if it would be exactly like last time.

"We have to protect the people here." Elena continued.

"This is our town too."

Now everyone was looking determined rather than scared. Caroline locked onto Bonnie's arm.

"Let's go."

Caroline and Bonnie were off, and Damon and Stefan followed suite, leaving Elena and I alone.

She looked at me, eyes holding questions I couldn't answer.

"Are you ready?"

"No." I laughed bitterly.

"I'll never be ready for this thing."

"I'm not either. But we're here for each other, Katherine."

She reached out her hand, inviting me to take it.

"And no matter what happens, I will still love you."

With those words, I took her hand, gripping it tightly.



"Let's do this."

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