Chapter 1: Wake up!

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An: one view of the school

I woke up hearing the buzz of my alarm clock go off like an annoying siren. Slowly I got up turning it off and stretched feeling the pull of muscles in my arms. Letting out a big yawn, I went to brush my teeth. After leaving the bathroom I requiped my clothes leaving me in brown combat boots, jeans and a red short sleeve top with lots of lace, with just the snap of my fingers. My hair came down in blonde curls to my back tipped with red.

I ran down the stairs hopping over the dog gate and landing with a thump onto the floor. I ran into the kitchen and patted my dog loki on the head. I grabbed 10 boxes of pancake mix, 30 or so eggs a pound of bacon and whatever other food we had in the fridge.

I began whipping the usual breakfast by whipping up tons of scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes with my telekinesis while I played angry bird on my phone. After 10 minutes it was ready and I put 5 plates on the counter. The smell of food brought my mom and dad out of there office in the basement and my two little siblings out of their room. My brother and sister began fighting over the bacon while my parents talked about their work in the basement.

I began to wolf down the second pan of bacon and shove 18 pancakes in my mouth. My mother scolded me saying, "Chew your food dear!" I rolled my eyes at her and nodded eating more slowly.

After my family was done eating I cleaned up the kitchen using teleportation to put the dirty plates in the sink and all the food on the counter into the garbage. My parents smiled at me thanking me and went down to the basement.

I went over to my younger twin siblings Aiden and Ava and gave them a hug. Releasing them I asked in a stern voice, "Did you get your HW done?"

They answered in unison, "Yes, were no delinquents!"

I laughed and said, "Of course not, OR YOU WOULD FACE MY WRATH!"

They quivered in fear holding each other and said in unison, "yes sis.."

I gave them a sweet smile and waved good bye. I picked up my heavy duty black book bag and slung it over my shoulders. I went over and pet my 2 dogs. One was a fluffy white bichon named Loki and the other was a corgi named Thorgie who hopped around all the time and refused to walk like a normal dog.

I opened the door and walked out feeling the first autumn breezes as a couple of colored auburn leaves floated by. I closed the door behind me locking it and walked down the steps.

I ran to school, quick as a flash making my surroundings blur together as I ran at the speed of light. The green trees blended with the orange and yellow ones which were just beginning to turn creating an abstract effect. As I ran through the city the easy going suburb life became a quiet city with people just driving to work. I quickened my pace and came to a large green in which I skidded to a stop behind a tree so no one would see me. Beyond that a large area with 8 brick buildings. I stopped behind a tree in the green and looked at the buildings.

Each building looked like ancient churches. Some were simple square buildings with fancy outside furnishings, but others looked castle like with spiral brick towers with cone shaped tops. Another building had a clock in it making it look sorta like a small version of big ben. I looked in awe as each building was slightly different than each other yet so similar with its ancient european architecture. All I could think was how much the architecture was like hogwarts!

I walked out from behind the tree and crossed the crosswalk walking along the sidewalk. I walked through the school gates and saw a small building that read, 'check in security.' I walked over to the building where a bald security guard stood outside checking cars in.

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