Chapter 6: Bottoms up!

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"What!" Nathan bursted out laughing. "He didn't want to be mean to them." I said, defending Felix. "On your date?!" I grunted, burying my face in Nathan's bed. "I'm destined for singleness." I said, muffled by his sheets. "Maybe you are." I got up and looked at him. "You're not helping." He smirked. "Don't worry, I know what will make you happy." I squinted. "And that is?" "A party." I sat up. "If it's another skinny dip hang out, count me out." He rolled his eyes. "No a real party. At some guys house." I moaned. "Do I have to go?" He grabbed his phone. "Yes." I rolled my eyes. "When is it?" "Tonight at 10." His face was still in his phone. "What!" Thanks for the heads up buddy. "Chill. By the way, tell your parents you're sleeping over Melanie's." I looked at him confused. "Why?" He put his phone down and looked at me. "Just in case you get drunk." My eyes widened. "I will not be getting drunk thank you very much!" I crossed my arms. "You never know. Precaution my friend."

"Are you ready?" Nathan asked, turning to look at me. "Of course I'm ready. Why would ask that?" He leaned on the steering wheel. "We've been sitting here for about 10 minutes and all you've been doing is stare at the house like it's the finals." I quickly turned to him. "Really?" He nodded. I looked back at the house for a second and opened the door. I didn't wait up for Nathan as I sped walked toward the party. Once I got the door, I froze. "What are you waiting for?" I jumped when Nathan spoke behind me. He walked in front of me and opened the door. Everyone and everything were everywhere, especially solo cups. He walked in and I quickly followed, intimidated by all the people. He grabbed two shot glasses and handed them to me. "What's this?" It was a burnt orange color and a strong sent to it. "Just down it." I looked at them again and grabbed them, downing it like it was water. I instantly regretted that. I was henesy mixed with some vodka. How I know this, don't ask. I started feeling them, losing my ability to walk straight anymore. Nathan started laughing. "I'm gonna go." Nathan patted my shoulder and left before I could say anything. "Bottoms up!" A guy handed me another shot, which I stupidly took. One after one after one, I was completely out of it.

Nathan's P.O.V

I grabbed a solo cup and left Amelia alone. Yeah I know, kinda a dick move seeing this is her first party, but she's a big girl who can fend for herself. I hope. "Yo dude!" Like heard a loud slurred voice behind me. "Dude I haven't seen you in forever!" I have no idea who the fuck you are. "Hey dude!" I said, just going along with it."How you likin the party?" I could barely understand what he said. "Oh yeah I'm lovin it! Great party." So far this party sucked since I couldn't get drunk, being the designated driver. I saw Melanie from afar looking at me with "the eyes". You know those sex eyes you get at parties. Sex just might make this party better. "Yo dude I gotta go." Before he could say anything I jolted towards Melanie.

She led me to a room and locked the door.She pounced on me and pushed me on the bed. The thought Amelia just popped in my head. I backed up from Melanie for a second trying to get my thoughts straight. "What?" She softly asked me. "Ah. Nothing." We started kissing again, but even more intense. Once again, Amelia pops up in my head. What shit is Amelia getting into? I got on top of Melanie and kept kissing her. What if she's too drunk. What if someone is taking advantage of her? I pulled from Melanie's lips and just stood there. "What's wrong?" She looked at me concerned. I sighed. "I have to go check on something." I got off of her and headed to the door. "I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

I walked out the room and went on my search for Amelia. I heard her laugh and saw her dancing. Well, more like grinding on some guy. I rolled my eyes and walked over to her. "Sorry to break up this amazing dance session but I have to borrow her for a second." I said, grabbing Amelia. "Hey Nathan!" I flashed her a smile while leading her to the front door. "That was a-mazinnnng Nate!" She slurred, stumbling while we walked. "I'm glad you had fun." Disappointed by my lack of getting some tonight, I let go of Amelia and she  tripped. I quickly grabbed her waist before she went face first to the ground. I pulled her back up and our eyes met. The moon was reflected in her chocolate brown irises. I never noticed how full and soft her lips looked. She stated bursting out laughing. "Did I cock block you?" I let a laugh out. "Yes. Yes you did." I took her back to the car and had to literally put her in the seat. I got in the drivers side and looked at her blank face. "How many drinks did you have?" She put up her fingers counting and looked at me. "More than I can count." She covered her mouth and started laughing. I sighed and drove out the neighborhood.

It was silent between us until she started giggling. "Why are you laughing?" "I'm hungry." She snorted. "Well what do you want?" I could see she was thinking, very intense thinking at that. "McDonald's!" She pointed to a Taco Bell. "That's Taco Bell." She raised her voice. "Don't patr-o-nize me." I just looked at her for a second and drove to the McDonald's drive thru. "Welcome to McDonald's, how can I help you?" The worker spoke over the intercom. "What do you want?" She just looked at me with puppy dog eyes and shrugged. I sighed and turn towards the intercom. "Hi, can I get a number one. No ketchup." The only reason why I knew she hates ketchup was because she totally freaked out when she bit into a burger I bought her at Five Guys that had ketchup. We do not need a repeat of that, especially with her being all drunk and shit. "Second window sir." I drove up and got the food. "Holy shit!" Amelia yelled once we were about to leave. "What?!" I snapped back. "I'm in a car." I looked at her totally baffled and she started laughing. The lady giving me the food looked at her confused. "She's a little special." The lady slowly nodded while still looking confused.

Once we got to my house, I saw my mom wasn't home. "Of course." She usually does this on weekends. She doesn't come home till the next day because she's too busy having sex with her new boyfriend, Jeremy Allen. At least she wouldn't see me dragging drunk Amelia into the house. "Can you get out by yourself?" She looked at me confident and put her hand up. "I got this." I got out the car with the food bag in my hand. I just hear Amelia whale out as she fell out the car. "I'm good! I'm alright!" She tried getting up but I ended up helping her. I saw she scrapped her knee falling and it was bleeding out. "I'm dripping! I need a pad!" She yelled out. I shushed her and walked into the house.

I sat her on my bed and went to go get the first aid kit. I knelt down to tend to her knee. "Am I cinderella? Do I fit the shoe?" I looked down at her feet. "Seeing as how big your feet are, I doubt it." She gasped in response. Once I was done, I went to go put the kit back in the bathroom. I came back and saw her looking at a photo. "Is this your dad?" She asked, still slurring her words. I just looked at the photo in her hand. "Yeah, it is." I beside her. "Don't you see him often?" I sighed. "Nope. He walked out on me and my mom when we found out he was dating my moms friend." She looked at me confused. "I thought you said they divorced." I looked down at my hands. "I just tell people that because I'm embarrassed." "Why?" Her voice softened. " I just don't want people thinking we weren't good enough for him I guess." I still stared at my hands while talking until she gave me a hug. "You're good enough for me." I laughed and patted her head. "I'm only telling you this because you're drunk. But thanks for being a good friend." She looked at me with her eyes lit up. "I'm your friend?!" I rolled my eyes and got up to go sleep on the couch. "Wait." Before I left, she spoke. "Stay here." I walked over onto the right side while she laid on the left side. I looked up at the ceiling for a while until she turned to me. "You're my friend too." I gave her a smile and she closed her eyes. I soon started to doze off as well when I remembered I left Melanie in the room. "Shit."

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