Chapter 12: The good and the bad news

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A/N: Hey it's Kaitlyn ( that's my name)I'm still not feeling well. I went to school today though and it was good. School is out in 2.5 days and I'm excited. I decided I would make another chapter because I love all the support and love you have been giving me. 🐙

Jaylie's POV:
I woke up in a room. It was all blurry. I couldn't see anything. Then I felt something. It was a needle going into my hand. " OW" I said as my eyes went wide. Then everything went black.

Justin's POV:
The doctor was explaining to me that Jaylie had a bad dream that caused her to pass out because of how scary it was. They said she was going to be okay.  But
then there was the bad news. As they were doing the MRI scan, they noticed a big tumor in her brain that has been growing since she was 4. She also has dyslexia and autism. By the end of that I was sobbing my eyes out. " so let me get this  straight" I started" Jaylie has Cancer, Dyslexia and Autism? " " yes did you ever hurt her sexually, emotionally or physically or mentally? " the doctor asked. " No but it may have something to do with her birth father."
" oh my gosh you may see her now if you'd like to"
I nodded. I went into the room and saw Jaylie laying there lifeless looking. She had an IV in her hand and a lot of tubes coming from her. Her eyes were still closed. I can't tell her she has cancer. She will freak out.
The doctor came in." Visiting hours are over" he said. I got up with hesitation. " I will call you if she wakes up she will go into surgery tomorrow."
I nodded as I left the room.

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