This is what happens when you play with Fire...

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He stood right below me. I knew he would make a move to kill. His victim won't even see him. They never do. I looked at the woman walking towards us. Short-cropped black hair, small frame, brown eyes, short black dress and high heeled black boots. Just the type they usually pick. I looked down.

He wore all black; black shirt, black jeans, black boots. His hair is short, brownish colour, pale skin.

That's all I could see. I knew he was gorgeous. They all are. 

The woman was nearing us, he started walking towards her. 

"Hey there gorgeous. Want to come with me and have a drink? He looked towards the "The Moon", an elite night club, very expensive, very dangerous. Deathly. The minute she set her eyes on him, they widened. 

"Well, you're not too bad yourself. Sure why not?" of course she agreed. He extended he's hand towards her, she took it. Too late. My turn.

"Hey there," I said huskily, I knew what he saw when he turned around. Long fire-red wavy hair, honey-like eyes, surrounded by long black lashes, plump lips, pale skin, great figure in a red top with v-neck and revealing back, black jeans, red heels. Sexy is the word. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not narcissistic or anything, I just work with facts. 

He turned around, he's blue/grey eyes widened. He gave a slow smile. 

"Hey to you too." He openly eyed me. I'm already used to this. "And what is such a gorgeous lady doing here?"

"Trying to have fun... won't you help me?" I batted my long eyelashes at him and leaned forward on the balcony, showing my cleavage a bit, just not too much.

His eyes trailed to my bust. "How can I say no to that offer?" he smirked at me and turned toward the skimpy. "Sorry sugar, guess we'll have to catch up some other time."

She gave me the death glare and stormed off. Oh, if only she knew I just saved her unworthy ass. Too bad.

I grinned at the monster standing in front of me. "That was a quick break up." I raised a brow at him and gave a flirty bat of my eyelashes.

He gave me what would count as a sexy smile if it actually worked on me. "I saw something better." was all he said.

"So are you going to catch me," I asked putting one of my legs on the other side of the balcony. "or not?"

He extended his arms towards me, "Of course Sunshine."

I jumped towards him. he gave a winning smile. He never saw the wooden dagger coming towards his heart. 


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