Death and new life

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Ok so I started wiring this story just under two years ago, but I haven't updated in the past year. I feel like I had gotten some form of writers block, but over the past year I have had time to think about the story and about some of the changes I wanted to make. So if you have already read my story I ask that you read it again as there will be changes made that I feel will make it better. Some chapters will remain the same, some changed slightly and some deleted altogether.

If this is your first time reading then I really hope you enjoy it! Don't be shy and leave a comment.


Death.... It's funny  how quickly things can change, one minute you're just a normal sixteen year old girl, then five minutes later it feels like your whole world has been turned completely upside down.  That moment you see on films when someone answers the door and there are two police officers there. That actually happens in real life, it's exactly what it's like.

"Are you Alexia Johnson?" A plump middle aged officer asks.

"Yes, why?"

"Can we come inside, we have some bad news, is there someone we can call....."

I didn't really hear the rest of what they said, Aunt Sara had to repeat everything to me later on that night.

Eight days later here I am, sat in the car not wanting to get out. If I get out and go over there then it's actually real, what those officers said, had really happened.

Mum and dad really are dead.

Looking down at my only formal black dress that was in my wardrobe, I find myself thinking that I wish I had something better to wear, my parents deserved something better than a dress that's been hanging in a wardrobe for the past year without even being considered worth wearing. I don't suppose what I'm wearing really matters though does it?

Slowly getting out of the car, I start walking to where my parents will be laid to rest, Aunt Sara grabs my hand for support but I can't really feel it, everything still feels numb. I wonder if this feeling will ever go away? Will I always have this pain in my chest. I find myself thinking of the future, my mum won't get to see me going to my senior prom, my dad won't ever get to walk me down the aisle, I mean who will do that now?  I don't have any grandparents left alive, no uncles, no one apart from Aunt Sara....

Ok Alex, get a grip, I can do this. Stop thinking of the future and concentrate on now . The only problem is that what is about to happen, I think is actually worse than what's to come.

We come to a stop beside a large hole in the ground.

The grave.

I can't call it that, it's a hole. A deep dark hole.  I can tell they tried to make it not look like a fresh hole by putting that fake green grass around the edges so you can't see the dirt, but what's the point? I mean it's a hole, it's there for one purpose.

One reason.

To bury my parents.

"It's a beautiful day today isn't it?"

Did I really just hear someone say that? A beautiful day? A beautiful day? I want to scream at them, it's not a beautiful day, it's a horrid day! This is the worst day of my life, it's a funeral, two people are dead! Actually five people are dead if you include the people in the other car that crashed head on with my parents car. How can people think anything  about today is beautiful?

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