love high

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        graphic material present not suitable for children

      *two weeks later*


   I've been seeing Raven for so two weeks. This woman is the best our last date she took me to Jamaica no not a Jamaican restaurant but the real Jamaica. Baby got her own jet. Her house is fucking beautiful big as my whole apartment building. I was loving the gifts like they were back to back. She took me on a shopping spree said she wants to make sure her girl look good. I liked it though she brought me anything I wanted. I ain't told Adrianna yet but she ain't told me her girl so fair trade. It was a Saturday I was chilling with Adrian. I had missed her. We were laid out on the couch. I'm just texting Raven. Adrianna looks different her eyes are cold.

"Adrian what's wrong" I ask.

"Huh?" she says like I snapped her back to reality.

"Ya eyes cold whad up wit chu" I ask.

"uh nothing just in thought nuthin serious"she says.

"Mhm babes I'm hungry what ya got to eat?" I ask because I really am hungry. She laughs.

"Yo ass always hungry but check in the fridge" she says. I get up and grab a piece of pizza to heat it up. Raven finally texted me back:

   *I can take you out tomorrow night I got some business to handle first*
     I nod and agree. I wanted to go out because she had been busy lately. I been missing her plus we haven't fucked yet and I really wanna know how it feel to be with her. On my way to living room  again.  I see Adrianna looking at her phone she looks pissed so I don't interrupt. I just sit on the couch she gets up and get her keys.

"Adrian where u goin?" I ask.

"I'll be back don't worry bout it" she says.

"Adrian really u said u would chill wit me this weekend" I pour.

"Don't worry where I'm going but I promise ill be back." she says. I suck my teeth.

"Randy bear you know i love you right" She says wrapping her arms around me.

"yeah don't take foreva doe"I whine. she smiles. I don't like being at her house her aunt don't like me. Adrian know I don't like being alone. I call up Raven we talk on the phone. I love the way her voice sounds.


    *two weeks earlier*

I kept trying to get out but she has this place on lock down. Fuck. I eventually gave up I was tired from the sex work out I got. I laid in her bed and went to sleep. I was awaken by Ravens voice and kiss

"Baby get up please" she whispers kissing my neck. I ignored her but she grabbed my thigh I knew what she wanted. I roll over to face her.

"There's that beautiful face" she smiles I frown. She kisses me and forces her tongue in my mouth. I let her. I'm not having this again I grab her p*ssy.

"No we doing this my way get off the bed and dance and strip for me I'll take you when I want it understand" I demand see here is why I kept her so long my sex was just as good as hers  "Okay" she says and get off the bed I turn on her music. I think she may have been a stripper at one point because of the way she moved her body. I was enjoying the show. I watch as she pulls off her bra her round breast spill out her panties come off and her p*ssy shows. She does touch it seductively.

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