Birthday Suits by LovelyLivvi

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Title: Birthday Suits

Genre: Teen Fiction

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Written by:  LovelyLivvi (Olivia Harvard)

Tags used: Teen fiction beauty birthday suits body positivity flaws skin social expectations

Summary: A body positivity movement, in which Belle Moore emphasises the beauty of our birthday suits.

Review: Body Positive. It's a movement that's gaining momentum and rightfully so. Our world is full of contradictory messages that encourage us to express our individuality, but only it fits within a certain "look". Birthday Suits is high school student Belle Moore's creative and bold stance against those messages.

Written as a series of blog posts, Belle writes about the beauty of each student in her class. From the popular girl that everyone loves to hate, to a quiet boy with brown eyes, Belle singles out what's special about them and encourages them and others to see the beauty in it. Though not all reactions to Belle's "posts" were positive, the majority of the students began to treat each other with more respect and love than they had previously.

I loved this book because it shows we don't have to do something huge to change the world or the people around us. All it takes is the courage to stand up for what we believe. To know that even if we only affect one person, we've succeeded. I also enjoyed the creative way it was written. It was the first time I'd seen a story written in a blog-like manner. This structure make it a quick and fun read. I'd recommend it not only for those who are struggling to see the beauty in themselves, but for those who struggle to see the beauty in others.

Reviewed by: Valeri Beatrix

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