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"Hey Kurt," Blaine whispered,.

Kurt was startled, "Oh, hey baby."

"Okay, so, I wanted to know if you wanted to come over tonight?" Blaine smiled.

Kurt was still startled, "I-uh-I, sure!"

Blaine smiled and walked to his class. Kurt was left there gazing at him while he walked away.

"What am I supposed to do?" Kurt knocked his head against a locker in frustration.

But, soon enough, night came, and while Kurt had on very nice clothes, Blaine was only wearing boxers.

"Excuse my attire, I just like to be more comfortable than I am when parents are out." He looked down at his boxers, and sat down with Kurt on the sofa.

He trailed his fingers up to Kurt's lips, and kissed them, and trailed them 'south of the equator', as Kurt would say, when Kurt gripped his hand.

Blaine looked at him, with those eyes, and Kurt looked back. All this tension was very stubborning to Kurt, and Kurt kissed him to relieve the stress. Blaine stuck his tongue in, and of course Kurt had to accept it, for he never got to touch his penis, so he should have some consolation. Blaine turned over on Kurt, and moved Kurt's hand down south of the equator. Kurt couldn't hold back, as the sensation was warm, and little did he know that Blaine was removing Kurt's skinny jeans as they spoke. Kurt was way too mesmerized in Blaine's cock. He used 2 fingers as an inch and counted. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 inches. He then moved his hand back and forth along the shaft to make sure, and Blaine groaned. Kurt couldn't take the tension anymore.

Kurt took off his shirt, and Blaine played with Kurt's nipples, as this increases the semen flow. Blaine had a fetish for that. Kurt and Blaine didn't do much but make out and stimulate eachother. 

Blaine turned Kurt over, when Kurt pulled back.

"Before we do this, can I try something?"

"Getting my dick moistened?" Blaine panted, and grabbed the lube.

"I was thinking in a different way." Kurt popped the lube onto his mouth and blowed Blaine. Blaine laughed at the idea, but still found it sexy. 

They moved it upstairs on Blaine's bed, and that's where the performance was placed. Blaine and Kurt just laid there, with Blaine inside Kurt, and Blaine had his arm around Kurt. They talked about glee club, and vogue, and college. Blaine had to go where Kurt was to go. Kurt eventually couldn't feel his legs anymore, and, still naked, Blaine gave Kurt a massage. Kurt felt tons better and rewarded Blaine with a passive make out. Everything was touching eachother, and Kurt just eventually stopped moving and laid on Blaine.

"You're so warm.." Kurt giggled.

Blaine said nothing and played with Kurt's hair.

This was one time Kurt didn't care about his hair

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