On the Road

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Hey everyone! This chapter may be short because I'm typing with one hand

"Time to go!!" yelled Brendon as he saw the van. He heard Sarah coming down the stairs. He grabbed his stuff and she grabbed her's. Then, they went out to the van. "Locked up?" he asked as they were walking out.
"Obviously." she responded. Brendon put his bags in the back and then the door opened.
"Hey" said Patrick, tiping his fedora. The van was pretty big. The seats were positioned like a school bus. There were three rows of seats that could fit four people each. Zack was driving. Patrick was sitting on the front row.
"Ello" said Brendon as he sat in the row behind Patrick.
"Hi" said Sarah as she sat next to Brendon.

"Welcome to the road!" said Zack from the front seat. "Next we're picking up Pete" he said as he started driving.

"So, why did you decide to be a P.A?" asked Patrick.

"Well, I wanted in on the action. It gets boring at home." Sarah responded truthfully.

"If Declan was older, he'd probably want to come on tour" mused Patrick. They chatted about various topics until they picked up Pete.

"Hey everyone!" exclaimed Pete as he got in.

"Hi" everyone replied and Pete sat down next to Patrick.

"So, how's everyone?" he asked.

"Fine" said Patrick as he pulled out a book.

"Feeling like a rockstar" replied Brendon as he plugged in his Ipod.

"I'm good" said Sarah.

"What are you reading?" asked Pete as he looked over Patrick's shoulder.

"Fire Bringer" replied Patrick.

"Never heard of it" said Pete, "What's it about?"

"Have you heard of 'Watership Down?" asked Patrick.

"Nope." said Pete and Patrick facepalmed himself. Then he dug through his bag and handed a book to Pete.

"It's about deer. There's this deer named 'Rannoch'. He has an oak-leaf marking on his forehead. His dad is killed and he-" Patrick said before he was cut off by Brendon.

"Yay Dallpal!" he cheered as Dallon got in.

"Hi Beebo" said Dallon as he sat down across from Brendon.

"Pat was just telling us about a book. Water-bringer down?" he said and Patrick glared at him.

"I was telling them about 'Fire Bringer' and I was trying to compare it to 'Watership Down'" said Patrick.

"I love those books!" Dallon exclaimed. Patrick grinned and pushed past Pete to sit next to Dallon.

"I don't understand this book, Professor Stump" said Pete and threw the book at Patrick. Dallon grabbed the book an they started talking about the books.

"Looks like there's a book club meeting" Pete said as he started playing on his phone.

"Hello" said Andy as he boarded the bus. Then, he saw Patrick and Dallon talking about books and joined the discussion.

"Wow, we have a lot of readers." said Brendon as he yawned.

"So, are we all going to be on the same tour bus?" Sarah asked quietly.

"Nope. We'll all have our own buses." Brendon replied. "We'll be staying in hotels, too." They sat in silence, Pete on his phone, Dallon, Andy, and Patrick reading, Brendon listening to music, and Sarah watching Netflix. Then, they picked up Kenny.

"Why is it so quiet?" asked Kenny as he sat down next to Andy.

"Screw socializing" Brendon responded.

"Amen to that" said Pete, not looking up from his phone.

"I thought we were going to talk, so I didn't bring anything to do" complained Kenny.

"You have your phone, don't you?" asked Pete.

"Yeah" said Kenny. "Thanks Pete" he replied, and Pete shot him a fiery glare. Nothing much happened until Joe came.

"Hello my fellow musicians." he said as he sat behind Dallon and Patrick. Nobody responded. "Hello" he said again. Finally, replies of "Hi", "Hello", and "Hey" came. "Wow, you guys are not morning people." he commented. He rolled his eyes and pulled out a copy of "Jurassic Park" and started reading. It was silent until Dan boarded.

"Morning" he greeted. Replies slowly trickled out. Then, he sat down next to Joe and took out his phone. The bus was quiet until Tyler got on.

"Good morning" he greeted with a smile. He got a few replies and he sat down behind Brendon and Sarah. He then took out his phone and started playing on it. A while later, they picked a Josh. He looked slightly pissed and tired. He grumbled something and sat down next to Tyler.

"Look who didn't get his beauty sleep" Brendon cooed.

"Shut up" Josh replied.

"He'll be a grumpy cat until he gets coffee." Tyler quipped and Josh glared at him.

"Well, we all are antisocial before early o'clock" said Brendon as he pressed his head against the window. And they were until Zack pulled up to the tour buses. Tyler dragged Josh out of the van as everybody got out.

"Josh and Tyler, you're in the red one" Zack said as the pair dragged (in Josh's case) and skipped (in Tyler's case) with their bags to their tour bus.

"How many shots of expresso has Tyler had?" whispered Dallon.

"Judging by his energy, I'd say four." Pete replied.

"Patrick, Pete, Andy, and Joe" Zack called, "You're in the second bus." They nodded and grabbed their bas and walked to their bus. "And that leaves you guys with the last one." Zack said.

"Do I go?" Sarah asked.

"You're making sure that Brendon doesn't drive anyone insane." said Zack.

"What?" asked Brendon who was still blasting music.

"I'm making sure you guys stay on schedule" she said and then they grabbed their bags and got into the bus.

The inside of the bus was well furnished. On the end were bunk beds. Next to the bunks eas a small kitchenette on one side, and a table at the other. After, were two rows of sofas.
"Welcome to the tour bus." Said Dallon.

Super long chapter for y'all. New pov next chapter.

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