Chapter 58

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The weekend had been awkward to say the least. On Friday, after we had returned from my grandparent’s house, my mom had constantly gone on about Matt and I and the precautions we were going to have to take as far as the law was concerned.

I knew that a part of her was beyond annoyed that we were dating, and another part wanted to be happy for us, and didn’t want anyone to find out.

She kept reminding me that the last thing that could happen was people other than her finding out – my brother and father.

And so, on Sunday morning when my father had come to collet Josh and I, her gaze could be felt on me the entire time, smirking. And it wasn’t subtle either. Even my dad picked up on it a little bit.

We had left, and even as she waved us off out of the window, I could tell what she was thinking. Exactly.

As we arrived at my dad’s house, I was rather shocked to see just how far along Kim was. She looked like she could go into labour at any second.

I hadn’t really thought about it, or what it would mean for us all. Nor did I want to. I hated change in any way, shape or form.

I knew that the baby would cause a lot of arguments among us all. Matt and Amy weren’t particularly excited about the birth either.

“I am starving” Josh exaggerated as we walked into the house. I did take note that Matt’s car wasn’t there, and so he probably hadn’t arrived yet.

“Dinner will be ready for Matt’s arrival” my dad told us both. “Now, just sit down with Kim and Amy. And please for the love of God be pleasant.”

We both nodded and entered the house. The door was open, and Kim was sitting down on the sofa, rubbing her bump.

It was all too weird to even think about.

And, I wondered what would happen if Matt and I were ever to come out about our relationship. It was bad enough to everyone that he was my teacher, but it added to the fact that once my dad and Kim got married, we’d be step brother and sister too.

I sat myself down beside Amy on the sofa. We had never really talked that much. We didn’t really know each other at all.

And, they thought Matt and I weren’t very familiar with each other either.

“How are you two this weekend?” Kim smiled lethargically.

“I’m good” I replied with a smile, trying to keep conversation to a minimum. Although, Josh had to go the extra mile.

“How’s the baby?” he asked friendly.

“Okay” she smiled back. “I haven’t really slept much recently though.”

“When are you due?”

“The week after next.”

I was stopped dead in my thoughts when she announced that she was due within next couple of weeks. I had no idea that their affair had been going on for at least nine months already.

That must’ve meant that even last Christmas my dad was with her. It pissed me off a little bit to think he had gone so long undetected.

“Great” Amy laughed sarcastically. It was obvious that she didn’t really care either.

Kim turned around and gave her a glaring look.

My dad soon after entered the room also, and sat by Kim and Joshua, instigating more of a conversation between us.

“So, Charlotte, were all going back to Vegas next weekend. So that Amy can meet everyone. I expect that you’ll be visiting your friends again, so you can take her with you.”

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