Kaname Kuran x VampireHunter!Reader

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WARNING to young readers!!

This story contains a blood scene.


A place deep in the woods there was a house. The house belonged to the (L/N)'s. The woods were so peaceful, till a herd of vampires surrounded the house. Most of the vampires were wearing fancy clothes, except one. That one vampire was wearing a casual attire. He kept on eyeing at the young teenager.

"Honey, I want you to run. Don't look back. Take this. " A woman handed the teen a pure silver katana.

The woman had dark brown hair and blue eyes. The child kinda looks like her. They both have the same nose and they both have dimples.

"No! I want to fight with you." The teenager said holding the katana handle hard. Looking at the woman with worried eyes.

"Could you just listen to your mother for once?!" The woman yelled at the teen.

The teenager started to cry then ran off towards the woods. As the teen ran, the woman started to cry.

"I love you, (Y/N)." The woman whispered to herself and cried harder.

"(M/N) (mother's name)!" A man ran towards the woman and helped her up.

His blonde hair was covered in snow and his bright green orbs looked worriedly at the woman.

"Where is (Y/N)?" The man said.

The woman buried her head in his chest and cried. The man looked toward the woods and held the woman tightly.

"It's okay. She'll be okay. We have to fight," The man grabs his silver sword and took his stance. "for her."

The woman wiped away her tears then grabbed her bow and arrow. "Alright. For my dear (Y/N)!"

They both ran towards the vampires and killed them one by one. Dust piles everywhere. The man and the woman killed the last aristocrat until they saw the last remaining one.

"Kuran." The man and woman said at the same time. They looked at him dead straight in the eye. They charged at him and was planning to hit Kaname but failed.

Blood was splattered on the trees. Two heads rolled down the hill, leaving a long trail of blood. Kaname licked his fingers and walked away. Leaving the house on fire, the two headless bodies laying there in the cold snow.

~~(Y/N)'s POV~~

I've been running for at least 20 minutes now. I'm out of breath. I walked over to a tree and rested my back on it. There was snow on my (L/H) (C/H) hair. I held onto my katana tightly and stared at the starry night with my (C/E) orbs. A breeze went by and I could smell smoke. I quickly stood up and looked behind me. I saw flames roaring above the trees.

My eyes widen, my mouth slightly open. I gasp then a tear fell down my cheek.

"N-No way. They wouldn't...they shouldn't be," I could smell blood then covered my mouth with my trembling hands. "dead."

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