Chapter 8: Scared in the Dark

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Nick's P.O.V.

'Ow, my head.' I thought as I tried to sit up. Only to realize that my paws were tied up and I couldn't speak. I looked down at my snout a let out a muffled scream. My snout was wrapped in cloth and muzzled! I have a bad history with muzzles. I began to tear up and whimper. I stopped after a few minutes, remembering Juniper, she might be in trouble. I looked around, using my night vision to look around. I spotted a lump on the floor. I squirmed towards the lump of fur and nudged it gently with the muzzle. It moaned, meaning it was alive, I looked over the body to see it's face, thank god it was Juniper, I tried to prop her up but my hands were useless. All of a sudden there was a huge bump and I flew forward and the floor. I realized that we were moving, we must be in that creepy van I thought. I shimmied myself upwards on my knees and scooched over to Juniper trying to think of away out of at least the ropes that binded our paws. Minutes became an hour and the van stopped, I leaned over Juniper as a way of defending her. Juniper was still unconscious but she shifted a bit. Two doors slammed shut, it was those creeps that kidnapped us, their paw steps became louder as they got closer to the back of the van. I shimmied upwards to stand which took a lot of quick effort. Once the van doors opened I let out a muffled growl and jumped forward. The panther caught me and slammed me hard on the van floor. My air was knocked right out of me and I gasped for breath and let out choked coughs. "Dang Anton, nice save!" I heard the female wolf say to the panther. Anton grunted with annoyance. "Whatever, Gunther, Soasire, take these two and put them with the rest." The timber wolves picked us up and I went limp, if I struggled I could possibly put Juniper in danger and I didn't want that. I looked around, we were somewhere in the Rainforest District. The panther named Anton was walking behind us and I was stuck looking right at him. I glared at him with anger. "It's nothing personal, it's just business." He said flatly. I rolled my eyes, knowing that, he was probably going to ransom us for huge amounts of money. At least we wouldn't be killed though. I said as I looked under my arm towards my back at her. "Something just moved over there!" She squealed. I looked up and over in the direction she was talking about, my eyes adjusted to dark and I was shocked at what I saw. "Cody? Lullabear? Bongo? Bagheera? Is that you guys?" I asked, knowing already. They stepped into the light. "How do you know are names?" Cody asked with a bit of confusion. "I work with the ZPD, my name is Nick Wilde and this is Juniper. Me and my partner Judy have trying to find you guys." I gave them the info about who we were. "Hello." Juniper said shyly. "I know this isn't a good time but finally! Another girl to talk to!" Lullabear said with joy as she shook Juniper's hand with excitement. The heavy metal door creaked open. I rushed the kids to a corner and stood in front of them. Anton came in with a pen and clipboard. "Alright, I want names, anyone who defies me, will be punished, have I made myself clear?" He boomed. I looked at the kids, "I'm gonna tell him our names, I don't want anyone to  get hurt." I whispered to the kids. They nodded. "Ahem. My names Nick. The panther is Bagheera. The bear cubs are Lullabear and Bongo. The cougar is Cody and the rabbit is Juniper. Now what are you gonna do to us if I might add?" I implied. His eyes were half lidded while looking down at his clipboard, writing everything down, "don't you worry yourself fox, if you obey us, then no one will get hurt." Was all Anton said, and he left, locking the door behind him.

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