Do You Love Me?

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Okay so here is the next chapter as promised, it is also a bit longer. I left no cliffhanger, since I feel you guys suffered a bunch during the last few chapters. I want to make clear this story is not over and still has more to tell-so without further adieu here is the next chapter. Authors note at the end, and please Follow, vote and comment lovelies. It means so much to me. I love reading comments  and try to reply to all. Check out the video on the side, because I love the song and Bruno Mars is awesome, also it goes with the story. This has not been edited, I will go back over it later.Dedicated to FromFranceWithLove2 for the awesome comment, and because she is right the last few chapters have been an emptional rollercoaster. 

I woke up in a small little bed that was definitely not mine. In fact it looked like the infirmary. There are needles sticking out my arm and I have no idea why I’m here. Then it all comes back to me. I remember accepting Derek’s severing of our bond and the smile on his face.  I couldn’t believe how happy I had made him with those words, when they broke my heart. I sat up in my bed, and looked around the room surely there was a button to push for help. I needed out of this bed. I pushed the red button and waited for someone to come in my room.

As I sat waiting the door opened and Melly came in. I surely wasn’t expecting her to be here after she avoided me all week.

“I didn’t know you are awake, let me get the doctor.” She said walking back towards the door.

“Wait, I want to talk to you first.” I said. She stopped with her back towards me. I wanted to see her face, no I needed to. I needed to see her face when she answered me. She walked towards me and sat down in the metal chair next to my bed.

“Melly, I thought we were best friends, but you have been avoiding me all week.” I said.

“I know, I’m really sorry and I know things don’t make sense now, but if you just talk to Alpha  Derek …” She started.

“No, I’m asking you, not Derek. I don’t care about him.” I shouted. She lowered her head slightly hiding her eyes from me.

“There are things you don’t understand, and he has to explain first. I know I didn’t answer your calls, it was because I couldn’t lie to you.” She said.

“Lie to me about what?” I asked her.

“There is so much you need to know, but Alpha Derek should tell you, not me.” She said.

“So that’s it you are saying I need to talk to him to find out why my best friend could care less anymore?” I asked her.

“You need to stay calm, and you know I love you we are like sisters. It’s just I wasn’t able to tell you things because I’m sworn to him and his pack. He is my Alpha; I didn’t feel right lying to you.” She cried.

“I understand he is your Alpha and you could have told me that instead of ignoring me when I needed you most.” I said.

“Please Izzy, just let him explain then I promise I will answer anything you want, It killed me not talking to you, but I spoke with your parents daily. I swear.” Melly cried. I missed her and needed her but I just didn’t feel in the mood to argue anymore. I also didn’t buy her whole excuse unless…

“Did he order you not to talk to me?” I asked her

“No, he didn’t he actually tried to get me to answer to you. This would be much easier to explain if you knew the whole truth and I can’t tell you.” She said.

“So then he ordered you to keep something from me?” I asked her knowing I was right.

“Yes, and since he is my Alpha I had to obey.” She said.

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