Ride Home (4)

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Just fucking perfect! Just fucking grand old dandy perfect!

Damn, now I’m not even making sense to myself, I thought furiously.

I stormed down the hall stomping which drew attention to myself.

By the time I made it to my locker I saw Noah standing there nervous and slightly twitchy from everyone’s judging gazes on him.

“Yes Noah? What’s up?” I asked trying not to take my anger out on my friend.

“I h-heard what happened. A-are you a-a-alright?” Noah asked.

Going to my locker I dialed in my number and angrily yanked it open. “Why the hell wouldn’t I be pissed off that Mr. Fucking-Perfect-and-Stereotypical is going to become my fucking best friend within a month.”

“I-is there anything I c-can do t-to help?” Noah asked.

I turned and smiled at my friend.

Noah was a pretty sweet and cool guy. He had a speech impediment where he stutters, but even that made him cooler. He taught me some things about how he too often was quite due to his impediment. But I didn’t think only of his speech because he was just a kind different person too.

“I think I’m good right now thanks Noah. Now, will you escort me to my next class dear friend of mine?”

Noah smiled and blushed.

Holding on an arm Noah hooked his arm through mine.

Noah was the only man in the world that I could trust. Every other had the potential to turn out like him. That was the major reason I feared working with Mr. Popular.


“Aurora!” Someone called out.

Just keep walking, they’ll go away.

“Aurora! I know you can hear me! Please, I need to talk to you about the essay.” The male voice called.

Once I round the corner I started to pick up speed and hide on the side of some lockers and held my breath hoping he wouldn’t detect me.

I listened quietly to the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer.

“Really Aurora trying to hi-”

I cut him off. “Stop with the ‘Aurora’ shit. It’s Rory.”

Gram raised his hands, “Hey, I was just trying to get your attention. Look I’m sorry about the class thing I just wanted to-”

“Get some kicks out of trying to get to be fucking besties with the ‘bad ass’?” Not giving him a chance to answer I finished by saying, “Screw you, dick. This project isn’t happening.”

With that I stomped off knowing the walk home was going to be pretty longs itself.

Way to be childish Rory.

Thankfully I didn’t hear him follow after me.

Pushing open the school doors the chilly autumn winds hit me like a wall of bricks. I pulled my jacket closer hoping it would block out the cold, but it did little to help.

Now I had only gotten about seven minutes down the road before a car rolled along side me.

At first I didn’t think twice about it. It wasn’t His and it wasn’t J.J’s or Noah’s, so I assumed it didn’t matter.

The window of the strangers care rolled down.

“Rory, come on. We need to talk about this. I don’t want to be bumped down because of this and I know you don’t want to either.”

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