XXVIII- Meeting The Pack

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"Jesus!" Indianna gasped and covered her eyes, spinning round as well. "Put some clothes on!"

"But, Indie," Greyson said, walking forward so he was behind her. "I just love feeling free," he smirked. Indianna could feel his breath on her ear and Greyson kissed her neck. "Sure you don't want a peek?"

Indianna snapped back to reality before the sparks could take over and she barged him with her shoulder. "Put some bloody clothes on."

Greyson laughed and walked off, only to appear again seconds later with shorts on. Indianna couldn't help but peek at his abs. He had a clear eight pack and his muscle defined chest was littered with tattoos. Indianna hadn't noticed before but when Greyson's dark hair wasn't styled up in a quiff it was rather long and currently it was all pushed back from his face in a messy manner with wisps of fringe dangling in front of his eyes.

"Take a picture, sugar, it'll last longer," Greyson smirked and Indianna narrowed her eyes at him.

"I wasn't looking," Indianna muttered.

"Sure you weren't," he scoffed. "So what did you and Kal talk about?"

"Your pack."


"Your," Indianna repeated.

"Indie," Greyson said lowly. "You may not want to be Luna of this pack but you are and nothing you can do can change that. Stop fighting it."

"I'll fight it as long as I can," she shrugged and turned around. The world whizzed past her as she did and she gasped, stumbling slightly.

"Werewolf speed," Greyson said, catching Indianna and steadying her. "You're going to have to learn to control it."

"I can't control it when I don't realise I'm doing it," Indianna frowned.

"After the Change it will become easier to tell when you are going normal speed and when you are walking at a human pace," Greyson said. "Now let's go."


"Inside," Greyson said and linked his fingers with Indianna's. He pulled her towards the house and wrapped his arm around her as they entered. "Hey, Mac!" Greyson called, stopping a guy with blonde hair as he walked past.

"What's up, Grey?" Mac asked. He was slightly older than Greyson, possibly around 22 years old and he seemed completely at ease around Greyson.

"You seen my sister?" Greyson asked.

"I'm currently trying to find her," Mac said.

"And a shit job you are doing."

Mac turned round as Kirstie appeared and she grinned, kissing Mac on the cheek. "Polite as ever," Mac muttered.

"Indianna, your room is finished," Kirstie said. "If you don't like it or want something changed just let me know."

Indianna nodded. "Thanks."

"Indie, Mac is Kirstie's mate. Mac meet Indianna, my mate," Greyson said.

"Pleasure to meet you, Luna," Mac smiled and Indianna nodded shyly.

"You too," she said quickly, not liking being called Luna.

"I'm relieved that Greyson finally has someone to calm his bloody anger issues," Mac smirked.

"I do not have anger issues," Greyson snapped and Kirstie chuckled.

"Let's go, Mac," she said. "Hope you like the room, Indianna!" The two of them walked off and Greyson looked down at Indianna.

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