Kushbu Chudi Firoz Chacha Se

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So now when she found a bit aged person standing behind her,feeling her ass,Kushbu didn't resist a bit but kept talking to her grand father.As it was dark there & Firoz was with his back to a wall noone could see what he was doing.Seeing the girl standing silently,Firoz getting a bit more relaxed put his finger in her ass crack.Feeling a finger directly in her ass crack,Kushbu jerked a bit.Though many people had felt her before this was the first time a person was boldly feeling her ass crack.She realised that this person was had a bit more daring.Kushbu kept talking to her grand papa but her whole mind was on the person behind her.In a minute she realised that now his other hand was on her ass just near her waist.As her grand papa was looking around he couldn't see his grand daughter being fondled just near him.Kushbu without anything in her mind told him to try to find if any one & get her a seat.Her grand father told Kushbu that he will see if he could find some one who could help him get a seat for her with the help of a coolie.

After her grand father left Kushbu realised that unknowingly she was now alone with this person. Kushbu was happy but tensed hearing him.She was happy that in her grand pa's absence that person would give her more masti, but was tensed as to what else he might do.Firoz too heard that man & was happy about it.As soon as the old man left,Firoz now put his other hand on Kushbu's waist & pulled her a bit near him saying,"Kuch taqlif nahi na tumko beti?Aare aaramse khadi raho,bahut bhid hai,sambhalke khadi raho mare pass thik hai?" This time Kushbu said softly,"Please,yeh kya kar rahe ho?Mujhe jane do." Kushbu saying that moved a bit forward.But Firoz was not a man to back out now.He pulled her back to him & now rubbing her ass crack a bit roughly said,"Aare kuch nahi,tum bus aaramse khadi raho,accha lag raha hai na tumko?" Kushbu felt nice at his boldness but was afraid too.Now Firoz had put his hand around her waist.Pulling Kushbu near him behind a thick shed pole so as to hide her partially,Firoz took his hand a bit up at the base of Kushbu's tits.With that deep voice & touch at the boobs,Kushbu felt her nipple go taut also sending a shiver down her spine.She was now a bit afraid of this man who was so brazenly feeling her.With a shy face she turned to that man & said,"Choro mujhe ye aap kya kar rahe hai?"

Firoz could make out beads of perspiration on the girl's forehead.He was now literally cupping her tits & kneeding her ass.He could make out that the girl was a bit afraid but was enjoying all this.If he could play it right maybe he had a chance.Firoz playing with her nipple said,"Bol beti accha lag raha hai na tumko?Waise woh buddha kaun hai tare saath beti?" Kushbu was now tensed as it was for the first time any man was taking such liberties with her.This man was definately more confident then the boy who had proposed her at her Mama's place.Kushbu moved a bit ahead again & said,"Woh mare Nanaji hai,please choro mujhe,yeh kyon kar rahe ho aaisa mare saath?"

Firoz didn't pull her near again & letting her off & said,"Kyon?Tujhe accha nahi lag raha?Maza nahi mil raha aaisa karne se tumko?"

Kushbu wanted more of it but was shy & afraid too.But she couldn't say anything.At last when she was again asked by Firoz she nodded her head & said in a soft voice,"Jee,accha lag raha hai lekin daar bhi lagta hai."

Hearing this Firoz caught her hand & pulling her near said,"Haan janta hoon ki tujhe daar lagta hai,lekin tu chinta mat kar.Mai sab sambhal lunga.Yeh bata, tera woh buddha bhi saath aanewala hai kya?Kahan tak jaa rahi hai tu is train se?"

Kushbu getting a bit relaxed said,"Mai akeli jaa rahi hoon Bhusawal.Yahan apne Mama ke ghar aaye thi,Nanaji mujhe train mai bithane aaye hai.Ab reservation nahi hai isliye is bogie mai baithne ruki hoon.

Now both were facing each other.Firoz could make out that this girl was nicely developed in the right places.Kushbu found a bit aged man with a strong physic & manly looks.Happy to hear that this girl was also going till Bhusawal,Firoz looking deep in her eyes said,"Dekh mai bhi Bhusawal ja raha hoon.Tu chahe to mare saath reh.Mai apne baithne ke liye kuch intazaam karunga.Tu rahegi mare saath poori trip mai?Waise mera naam Firoz hai,tera naam kya hai?"

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