Kushbu Chudi Firoz Chacha Se

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Reaching the station,seeing the crowd & failing to get even a seat by paying a hefty amount,Firoz Pathan was throughly annoyed with his boss.That bastard had told him in the evening that he will have to go by the night's train to Bhusawal for some urgent work.Firoz worked as a sales manager in a ladies garment company.As there was a complaint about the dealer he had to rush there.After all being a sales manager it was his duty to see that the sales target is achieved anyhow.Being a holiday season no reservation was available & Firoz would have to go in a unreserved compartment for the full night.Firoz tried every trick in the book for a seat but was unsuccessful.At last he went to the extreme end of the platform where the unreserved bogie would come.There was still an hour for the train to come.Firoz had come early in the hope of finding a seat & now had to wait for a long time for the train.Standing there in a bit cool air but hardly any light Firoz kept abusing his boss a lot,but was helpless.

A bit away from Firoz was standing Kushbu Mishra,a sexy looking girl of 18 years.She has come to Mumbai to her maternal uncle & was leaving for Bhusaval finishing her vacations.Her grand father had come to see her off.As she too didn't have reservation,Kushbu was standing for the general bogie.Kushbu was 5'5" tall,very fair,slighly elongated face with pierced nose,black eyes & a well developed body.Coming of age Khushbu has a sexy developed body.The ass was a bit protruding,which was resting on a slim waist.What was most alluring about Kushbu were the 2 fleshy globes standing proudly on her chest. The 30 sized boobs stood straight,without a bit sag as they were hardly fondled by anyone. This didn't mean that Kushbu was ignorant about sex.She had been felt many a times in the crowd as her sexy body & face was an invitation for strangers to molest her in the crowd.Though she was afraid about it,Kushbu didn't mind strangers touching her.Even now standing in the crowd she was felt 2-3 times but she kept silent.Kushbu was wearing a cream coloured silk kameez with matching salwar.The tight salwar kameez was prominantly showing her assets to the people near by.Also with the Mumbai weather's humidity she was perspiring profusely.The sweat was making the silk kameez wet & it was sticking to Kushbu's body.

Among the many people watching Kushbu was Firoz.He was seeing this girl from last 10 minutes & he also saw 3-4 people toucing her taking advantage of the crowd.It didn't escape Firoz's eyes that the girl was hardly bothered about the men touching her.Once while talking to the old men with her,she just looked back at the man touching her ass.Thinking that the girl was angry that person just disappeared in the crowd.He saw the girl giggling occasionally every time some one felt her. Also during this time she kept talking to the old man who was with her.All this showed that she didn't mind being felt though 1-2 times she showed a bit displeasure as the old man was looking at her when she was being touched.Being a through womeniser,Firoz thought to take advantage of this girl till the train comes.If other people can feel her why can't he?Also being a man of 43 no one will suspect him of doing anything wrong in the crowd.Looking at the girls ass Firoz went & stood behind her.Looking at the opposite side Firoz gently let his palm touch the girl's ass.

Kushbu felt his hand touch her ass.She just looked back at to see who was behind her.In reality, Kushbu held been felt by a boy near her Mama's house during the vacation.He was eyeing Kushbu from the day she had come to her Mama's place.After 4-5 days of eyeing her,he had proposed to her & then had kissed & felt her many times.Though Kushbu wouldn't had minded if he had gone the full lenght & fucked her,she found that boy a bit afraid to take the next step.The most he had done was to play with Kushbu's boobs from over her salwar during one meeting.Being a girl,Kushbu couldn't tell him to go all the way & hence had to stay like that.But this petting & kissing had ignited a passion in her which resulted in letting strangers feel her body on the station in the crowd.

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