What are you in the band?

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What are you in the band?

Aries: Lead guitarist, who spits water at the crowd.

Taurus: Bassist, who jumps around and eventually falls off the stage.

Gemini: Rhythmic guitarist, who talks a lot with the crowd before show starts.

Cancer: Keyboardist, who plays crazy Keyboard solos.

Leo: Lead singer, who goes crowd surfing.

Virgo: Singer, head banging is his/her big thing.

Libra: Lead guitarist, who runs around the stage.

Scorpio: Dummer, who breaks his/her drumsticks a lot.

Sagittarius: Rhythmic guitarist, who throws his/her pick every after show.

Capricorn: Singer, who sings his/her heart out.

Aquarius: Drummer, who keeps giving his/her drumstick to a fan.

Pisces: Keyboardist, head banging a lot.

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