Hey guys so umm I've written other stories... Buut I don't like them so I'll write about something that I know I could pull off...an MB LOOOVE STORY! I love mindless behavior and I'm going to try this cool new format I've seen hope you guys like my story! Just letting yall know. . . I LOVE Mb so dnnt take anything i say offensively k? Kay!

Kyiah's POV

OMG! Omg! OMG! Mindless behavior?! THEY'RE COMING TO MY SCHOOL! I should be excited right? Wrong! Just cuuz the sluts and hoes are excited DOEZNT mean I'll be too. They're just a couple of Assholes who think they can do whatever the hell they want cuuz they're famous. I get so tired of hearing "OMG PRODIGY WHAT A SEXY MUHFUCKA!" NOOO ROC WITH THOSE LUSCIOUS LIPS!" NO PRINCETON AND HIS SEXY ASS ACCENT! "NO RAYRAY HES SUCH A SEXY MUH FUCKA WITH HIS LONG BRAIDS!"

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! The worst part about it is that these stupid fags are coming to my school and I'm on the committee that booked them I voted no, buut I guess what I have to say doesn't matter-.- so they are going to perform at our community center. then They are going to be at our school for two semesters.... lucky me. I bet I'm going to have issues just getting into my locker with all these Girls Dxck ridin and runnin me over. Like dag they are just boys I doubt you'll get it in with them the second they walk in... I highly doubt they'd know what to do with a girl! So Im walking to class when I heard the screaming... guess the girls found out about mindless dickheads coming. As I turned the corner someone bumped into me

Toni: Bitch! Watch where TF You Goin!

Kyiah: aww I'm sorry. . . wait i kinda DONT GIVE A FUCK. . . now go back to ur corner and air ya pussy out cuuz bitch you STAANK! 

Toni: BITCH! (Shoves past Kyiah)

Kyiah: slut (gets up and walks away)

me and Toni used to be cool...then she started dating boys and letting them take advantage of her and was like in some permanent bitch mode. I walked into my drama class and I saw one of my best friends


?.?.?: hey Whore !

Kyiah: hey Tia! wassup HOE?

Tia: nuun much so I heard bout m-....

Kyiah: (cuts Tia off) don't. Say. It

Tia: why? Come on you know they are sexy! Specially my boo prodigy.( says dreamily)

Kyiah: right as sexy as they wangs hang low

Tia:(gasps dramatically ) well! You know you got to talk to them right?

Kyiah: Like hell I do! Imma be avoiding them til the day they leave

Tia: why do you hate them so much?!

Kyiah: I dnnt hate them... but if they were on fire... and I had a bucket of water... id drink it...(starts laughing)

Tia: you is one fucked up kid buut ik you think at least one of them is cuute! I mean come on! How cant you!



Kyiah : am not they are all ugly...( says quietly then starts to think)


Kyiah : aight damn! You Bitch! you annoy me! Ok so... I guess ray ray is kinda cute but like boy cuute

Tia: why did I know it was him?(laughs )

Kyiah: whatchuu talkin bout you knew it was him I juust barely think he's cuute id sooner date...him( points to kid with acne braces nerdy spiked hair and plaid shorts) than even look at ray ray!