"Is that a problem for you? We've been seeing each other too long?"

"No Tessa, it's just odd to think about I guess. I've never been in an actual relationship so six months is a long time."

"We haven't been dating the entire time, most of that time was spent fighting or avoiding one another." I remind him.

"How long exactly were you with Noah?" His question suprises me. We have had a few talks regarding my relationship with Noah, but they usually last less than five minutes, ending  abruptly because of Harry's jealousy. 

"We were best friends since I can remember but only started dating half way through high school, I think we had been dating before then we just didn't realize it." I watch Harry with careful eyes, waiting for a reaction.

Talking about Noah makes me miss him, not in a romantic way but in a way that you miss your family after not seeing them for an extended period of time. I wonder how everything with Rebecca is going? Is she still seeing him?

"Oh," He rests his hands on his lap, making me want to reach across and hold them.

"Did you fight?"

"Sometimes. Our fights were over things like what movie to watch or him being late to pick me up."

"Not like we fight then?" He doesn't look up from his hands.

"I don't think anyone fights like we do," I smile in an attempt to reassure him.

"What else did you do? With him, I mean," sitting in Harry's place on the bed is now a small child,  green eyes bright, and hands nearly shaking.

"We didn't do much really, outside of studying and watching hundreda of movies. We were more like best friends, I guess."

"You loved him," the child reminds me.

"Not the way that I love you," I tell him again, just like countless times before.

"Would you give up Seattle for him?"

So this is why we are talking about Noah, Harry's low self-esteem has once again taken his thoughts there, to that place where he compares himself to what or whom he thinks that I need.


"Why not?"

"Because, I shouldn't have to choose at all and he always knew about my plans and dreams, so I wouldn't have had to choose."

"I don't have anything in Seattle," he sighs.

"Me, you would have me."

"That's not enough,"


I turn away from him.

"I know that's fucked up, but its true. I have nothing there and you'll have this new job and you'll make new friends,"

"You would have a new job too, and we would make new friends together,"

"The people you would choose as friends are more than likely not going to be the same people I would choose,"

"You don't know that,  I'm friends with Steph."

"Only because you were roommates. I don't want to move there Tessa, especially now that I'm expelled. It makes more sense for me to just go back to England and finish university there."

"It shouldn't only be about what makes sense for you."

"Considering the fact that you went behind my back and saw Zayn yet again doesn't exactly put you in any position to be calling the shots."

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