Chapter Twenty-One: Realizations

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Chapter Twenty-One: Realizations


            Fooling around with Katerina behind the bleachers like a couple of horny teenagers was dangerous and reckless but...invigorating. It had been two days and I was still envisioning her under me, gravel biting through my pants legs and her voice rasping out my name. 

            I liked it. 

            I liked the flesh bumps that spread across her chest and breast when I touched her gently. Or when she would moan into my was a sick thought but I liked it. She was a girl-no-woman and I was the man pleasuring her. And boy did I like the sound of that. 

            She hadn't snapped on me afterward either which made me think I was making progress with her. But what type of progress I was determined to make was still a mystery to me.

            Regardless, I enjoyed taking my time figuring it out. 

            Like now as I ran my hands down her sides as she sat perched on my desk, skipping lunch as she had done for the past two days. Part of me was waiting for the ball to drop and for her to tell me how stupid this was but the other was ecstatic she was coming here on her own accord. She was coming to my room so we could do this because she wanted to, not because I was paying her. 

            She gripped the front of my shirt as her mouth made a trail from one side of my neck to another. It was something I wasn't used to but something I liked. I closed my eyes when she nipped at my flesh and tried to keep my member from hardening more. I was certain she could feel me through her thin ripped leggings and I was positive she got off on it as I ground my hips between her thighs. 

            Her legs wrapped around my bottom while I made my mouth connect with hers. She was a wonderful kisser and I tried not to think about how she'd come to learn all her tricks. Our lunch time meetings were supposed to be fun and entertaining...not spent thinking about the men she'd been with. 

            Almost like a switch my excitement was gone and I began to pull away from her only to have her try to pull me back. 

            "What's wrong?" she asked bit confused when I trapped her hands to prevent them from continuing to undo my pants. 

            "Nothing it's just..." I couldn't very well tell her I didn't want to be intimate with her again because of all the men she'd been with. We hadn't been safe the last two times and I was certain this time wasn't going to be any different. 

            Her brows knitted and her hands dropped. "Was it something I did?"

There was a hint of concern in her voice that I had never heard before and I realized, for the first time, how vulnerable the girl was.

            "If it was the...neck thing I could-"

            "No, God, no, that was wonderful...I was just...I can't stop my brain from thinking."

            "I thought men could only think with one object at a time?" she joked, looking down at my growing erection. She'd given me one of her genuine smiles again and it was driving me nuts not to take her bottom lip between mine. "And I'd much rather he do all the talking."

            She glanced at the clock and I knew she was calculating the time it would take for us both to get off before the other students came back into the classroom. And despite my tightening inseam I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this...this way. 

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