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Very sorry for such a large gap between updates! I didn't have much inspiration to write! But here's a new chapter of 2300 words, am I awesome or what? Haha just kidding, hope you like the chapter! :)


Ariels POV

I push myself up, the room unfamiliar. It's dark and I can hardly see.

"Aubrey?" I whimper. Hotel rooms are always so scary. And I'm not scared of much. But they're like, murder central in my opinion.

I slide off the bed and make my way out to the balcony where there's some light from the moon.

Mum and I both have such a connection to the moon. It's just... Somethings there. Dad got me a matching moon necklace to mom's. For my fifth birthday, I cherish the necklace and wear it all the time, just like mum.

I sit on the floor to the balcony, since there isn't a chair, and I stare up at the moon. It's soothing, like Aubrey would have been if he were here.

"Ariel?" Comes a voice from inside the room. Is that... I'm in Raphie's room! "Ariel where are you? I do not want to play any games."

I try to see him in the room but the moonlight makes it impossible to see inside. I sigh and just wait for him to find me instead of me calling out.

"What are you doing Ariel?" Raphie growls, stepping out onto the balcony.

I point up to the moon. "I can't sleep." That's part truth...

A plate is set in front of me with food on it. "Eat. You fell asleep and missed dinner."

I eat some of what's on the plate, not feeling particularly hungry. More angry. I just want to go home. I hate this stupid hotel and meeting place.

Raphael walks over and sits beside me. He doesn't say anything and he doesn't touch me, but I mean, what else am I supposed to get from him?

I lay back on the ground and look up at the city lit sky. No stars to be seen, just the moon. I wanna go hunt, and make fun of mom as she joins me since she can't catch anything. And I wanna go for a long run around my territory, that's what I wanna do.

Not be stuck here with some new mate.

"Go to sleep Ariel." Raphie says.

I roll my eyes but soon, I do feel myself falling asleep. And then the city lit sky disappears.


"GET YOUR FUCKING PAWS OFF ME!" I shriek as I wake up. Raphael has the nerve to hold me like a baby as he sits on the bed. Not to mention, while I'm asleep.

Light shines in the windows, making me squint. My anger bubbles. How dare this man touch me when I don't know he is!

Raphie growls at me and I growl back. He sits me on the bed and stands up while I look over myself. I can't trust him.

After a moment, I've made sure I'm all good. Standing up and stretching out, I walk past Raphie to my suitcase. I search for my workout clothes, wanting to go for a run.

"What are you doing?" Raphael asks lowly.

I pull out the shorts and sports bra with my tank top and disappear from his view into the bathroom. I pull the things on before walking back out. Now where's my phone... I grab it from its spot and put the earbuds in.

"You aren't going anywhere in that." Raphie growls.

"You aren't the boss of me." I snap.

"I'm your mate." He says through narrowed eyes.

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