Elizabeth couldn't remember the last time she had been somewhere so deserted

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Elizabeth couldn't remember the last time she had been somewhere so deserted. It was nothing in comparison to the big city she called home. Little to no buildings and even less people. She didn't take much notice on the drive there but once released she came to realize the county jail that they had found themselves at had been a remote one.

Reuben had somehow managed to get them out of there. He didn't admit it. Not even when the Lumberjack came over to let them out. There was only a brief mention of someone paying their bail. Suspicion slithered through Elizabeth's veins. This had Gibbons written all over it.

The sun was still high in the sky when they pulled up at the gas station. Elizabeth didn't know why they stopped. It hadn't been for gas. Reuben had slid into a parking spot and grabbed his wallet before asking Elizabeth if she wanted anything. She had snubbed him – gave him the silent treatment like she had done with her parents so many times.

The driver side popped open. Without looking away from her window she knew Reuben was back. She could feel him. The light rocking a sign that he had already jumped in.

A resounding bang vibrated throughout the vehicle. "I thought you might be thirsty so I got you a slushie," Reuben said. "If you tell me you've never had one of these before I may have to disown you."

Elizabeth didn't supply him with an answer. Instead she found more interest in the weeds creeping through the crack in the sidewalk. Though she had to admit, the word slushie did peak her curiosity.

"You're still pissed at me, aren't you?" Reuben said, filling the quiet. "I don't see why. It got you out of there didn't it? I thought that's all you wanted, a vacation from your parents?"

The inside of the cab was too hot. The open windows not relieving the oven-like temperatures. Reuben's words only upped the ante. The back of her neck heated in an irritated itch.

"Not much of vacation when they probably know my every move."

"They don't."

Elizabeth shifted to study his features. His face was smooth, no trace of Reuben's trademark grin and dimples. Even his eyes, which held a mischievous sparkle majority of the time, lacked luster. This was as serious as Reuben had ever been since Elizabeth met him a few days ago.

"I didn't have to come, you know?" Reuben said when Elizabeth took too long studying his face.

Reuben's lips slanted. "I figured babysitting the heir to an entrepreneurial empire would be more entertaining than waiting tables. So far, I was right."

Elizabeth could feel her eyes summersault at his confession. "And how can I be so sure that my parents have nothing to do with this?"

Reuben raised an eyebrow. "You really think your parents would have willingly allowed you to travel the country with a waiter? I'm dirt beneath their heels. Trust me, this is all Gibbons."

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