Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"Promise me you'll call everyday, babe. Pleaseee."

Joshua laughed, his hands resting on my waist as we stood at the terminal at Ronald Reagan National airport. My flight to Boston was scheduled for 1:30 PM. After three days of packing, I'm finally ready to go to Boston and begin my college experience. I am so excited! The only thing that makes me upset about it is leaving Joshua. Well, that and the fact of college fees. Oh joy (insert sarcastic tone here). Leaning down slightly, his lips brushed mine. I kissed him back.

"I promise. I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too, Joshua."

We stood, staring into each others eyes, until the flight attendant announced that they would be boarding. Sighing, I kissed Joshua long and hard. He kissed me back, full of sadness and love. His sunglasses, which he'd been using to somewhat hide his identity, slipped off as I pulled away reluctantly. His hands remained tight on my waist, as if I would slip away if he let go. And, technically, I would.

"Have an amazing time at Stanford, Josh. I love you so much. You're going to do great."

"You have no idea how much I love you too." he whispered in my ear, choking up.

I blinked back tears and forced a smile. He smiled a sad smile back. The flight attendant, having gone through the long line, called for last chance to board. I sighed, grabbing my suitcase and walking away. I glanced back at Joshua one more time before stepping into the hallway that would lead me to the jet. He watched me, oblivious to the people standing behind him, whispering and snapping pictures. Goodbye, Joshua. See you soon. With that, I boarded the jet and prayed I would see Joshua again. Old habit. Never broke it. Most likely, I never will break it.

(Gahhhh! Feels! I love writing these scenes. What do you guys think? Is Joshua still amazing? Vote and comment! Update as soon as I can! Bye-bye!)

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