Harry Styles Imagines

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Another member kisses you.

"Hold on , babe. Im just going to get more beers!" You scream at Harry, walking into the kitchen with only your bikini on. You see Liam, his eyes blood shot red.

"Liam! Oh my god. Are you ok?" You ask touching his arm.

"Can i.. Tell you something .. That im not proud of .. AT ALL?"

"Sure, li. Anything."

" Its someone im madly inlove with. But, shes happy with my best mate."

"YOU LOVE ELEANOR?" You whisper-yell. Liam shakes his head, and looks at the floor.


"Nope." There is only one person left... You.

"Is it.. Me?" Liams eyes got wattery again.

"Liam. Oh my god. Im so sorry." You give him a hug. You look up at him, to apologies again, but he had other thoughts. He placed his soft, pink lips on yours. You didnt know what to do, so you backed away.

"Liam! What the hell!" You hear a raspy voice at the doorway. You turn to see Harry.

"No! Harry! Stop!" Harry started charging at Liam. You stand infront of Liam , to protect him.

"Harry, im so sorry! I didnt know what i was thinking!"

"You were thinking that you wanted to kiss my girl friend!" That got everyones attention, and now suddenly, everyone was surrounding us.

"Whats going on?" Sophia asked. My cheeks burnt red.

"Your boyfriend is all over my girlfriend!"

"HES NOT ALL OVER ME! He just gave me a simple kiss! Thats all! Liam, i love you. So , so much. But not like that. I only love Harry like that." Liam smiled.

"I know what i did was stupud, but i dont regret doin it. Ive been waiting to do that the moment i met you. But thats the last time. I love you." Liam pulled you in for a hug, and you KNOW harry was getting jealous.

"That hug is long enough, im sure sophia agrees." Harry said , grabbing my arm.

I looked at sophia , and she was nodding.

"Listen sophia, im sorry, i hope it doesnt change youre and Liams rela-."

"It doesnt." She replied, with hate in her voice.


"Jesus, you leave to go get beer, and thats what happens." Harry whispered in your ear, as everyone wached the firework show.

"Im sorry that everyone wants a piece of this cake." You joke around, caysing harry to throw a fit of laughter.

"I love you so mych, (Y/N)."


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