Chapter Seven

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Who do you all portray as West? Raine?


Silently Falling: Chapter Seven

I walk into Music just as the bell rings, doing a quick once over in the mirror on Mr. C's door. I fix the collar of my denim shirt and with a blush I zip up my jeans that were undone. That's not embarrassing...

I finally walk fully into the room and send Mr. C a smile before rushing off to the back where Alyse sits, staring at me confusedly.

"Where were you?" She asks as I sit next to her.

"My locker got jammed." I sign, getting out my music book. I direct my attention to the front as Mr. C starts talking.

"Today I just want for you to do your vocal exercises. I believe Raine is still writing our first song." He says, looking back at me in question. The rest of the class turns and looks at me too.

I nod, sending him a thumbs up. I worked on it a considerable amount last night.

He smiles proudly. "Perfect. Today will be a prep day then. Go through your warm ups." He says, but I miss the rest as my thoughts consume me.

I would be lying if I said that what West requested of me didn't keep me up last night. As I worked on my song for this class, I kept getting distracted by thoughts of him. They weren't about how amazing he smells or what abs must lay beneath his shirt, or even how sexy he looks in his jeans, but rather what he asked me to do.

He wants me to teach him sign language, and for some reason I'm not completely against the idea.

I've never before had anyone come to me asking to teach them sign language. Most people don't address the fact that I'm mute and it ends up being the elephant in the room. But West just comes barging in, pointing out that I'm mute rather rudely on a few occasions and then asks me to teach him my ways of communication.

I made a list of pro's and cons, but it didn't help me much. The pro's consist of the fact that I've never gotten the opportunity to teach someone sign language, aside from Tyler and Gray, but they don't count; and I could really help him get an A on this essay. But the biggest pro for me is that I can figure the mysterious delinquent out.

Who doesn't want that opportunity?

Only questions have followed him since I've known him for this past week, and helping him learn sign language may result in my figuring him out. Maybe I could even learn the real reason on why he went to jail.

However consistent the pro list is, the list of cons is also very prominent in my mind.

The biggest con: he annoys the shit out of me already and I've known him for one week. He's a delinquent who's been arrested and has been to jail. He's pretty cocky at times and he aggravates me; me and people who bother me don't normally go well together.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Alyse asks, completely disregarding Mr. C's lesson plan for warming up our voices.

I contemplate whether or not I should tell her, then I figure why not. "West came to me yesterday about our English essay." I begin.

Her eyebrows shoot up. "Damn, that's not what I was thinking you were going to say..."

It's not something I thought was going to happen.

"What did he want?" She asks, furrowing her brow.

"He told me his topic for the essay is sign language and that he wants me to teach him." I sign, going back over the pros and cons list in my head.

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