Civility and Similarity (drarry)

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Harry's P.O.V

I walked into the library with full intent to find Hermione. When I couldn't find her, I huffed and spun around only to collide with a toned surface.

"Watch where you're walking Potter." The familiar voice drawled.

"Sorry Malfoy." I mumbled.

"Did you just apologize?" He exasperated. I looked up at him and he was smirking. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes I did. I need to find Hermione." I told him.

"Oh the mudblood and Weasel just left. They were mumbling about alone time and shit." He said and I growled.

"First of all, don't call her that. Second, that's just bloody brilliant. I've been asking her for help in potions and she tells me to meet in the library, then she blows me off! That's the third time this week." I sneered and Malfoy rolled his eyes.

"How about I help you Potter since you're basically a lost cause in potions." He told me and I sighed.

"Okay. Sure." I said and he motioned for me to an empty table. I did and we sat there together. I opened my book and he looked at me.

"What do you need help with?"

"Remembering the ingredients that go into Veritaserum, Lust potions and a contraception potion." I told him and he smirked raising an eyebrow at me.

"Trying for a good shag with weaslette?" He teased and I huffed crossing my arms.

"She and I are no longer together Malfoy." I spat and he rolled his eyes.

"Oh Potter, was the hero not enough for the attention seeker?" He asked and I gasped.

"She is not an attention seeker! She was just... too much to handle." I defended. I mumbled something under my breath and he raised an eyebrow.

"You have to speak up Potter if you want anyone to hear you." He drawled and I took a deep breath closing my eyes.

"I'm gay Malfoy." I told him keeping my eyes closed. "I came out to her and she obviously left me."

"Was she mad?" He asked quietly and I opened my eyes. He was looking at me with a strange expression I've never seen before.

"She was a bit upset but not mad." I explained. "She told me she was proud of me and that I deserve the best. She's dating Neville now and I can't help but be happy for them." I told him.

"Astoria was mad when I told her." He said quietly. "We were supposed to marry but I refused. She was pissed." He let out a soft chuckle.

"You're gay too?" I asked and he nodded. "So what do you need to marry a pureblood man?" I asked and he laughed.

"No my father has come into a new light since the war. He wants me to be happy and if that means marrying a man of my choosing then so be it." He told with a slight smile. I smiled as well.

"I'm happy for that." I told him and he grinned more.

"I am too." And I understood what look he was giving me. It was understanding. 

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