Chapter 4

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Your P.O.V

Travis helped me to the lower decks of the ship and made me sit down on a bed. "I'm fine." I said. He gave me a skeptical look. I gave him a reassuring smile before I felt a cough coming on. I let out a very raspy set of coughs, and crimson red blood flew out of my mouth. He rolled his eyes and walked back to me with ointment, a few potions, and some bandages. He unwrapped the cloth he had put on my wound earlier, and saw the claw that had made its way into my arm. "I'm gonna pull it out." He said. I hesitantly nodded before I felt him grab the top of it, and slowly, and I mean slowly, pull it out. The experience was excruciating and I let out a small yelp. When it was finally out, he poured a potion of healing along over my arm. It didn't burn that much, but the ointment did.

When he was done, he carefully wrapped my arm up with a bandage. I was about to get up, but he grabbed my arm. "There's a cut on your face." He said. I shrugged and tried to get up again, only to be pulled back down. "Let me treat it." He said as he grabbed a rag and some more ointment. I felt him start to put the stinging fluid on my face. I was shaking from the pain. He sighed as he placed his other hand on my cheek. I felt my face heat up, and he finished without another word. When he was done we sat there in awkward silence. "You look really cute when you fight." He said. I felt my face go 50 shades of red. "W-What?" I stuttered. Since when do I studder?! "Well, first off, you look sexy as heck in your armor." He stated as I remembered my armor. It showed off my stomach and about 60% of my chest. My face was getting even redder. "I-I can't help it! I didn't want my armor to be th-that revealing!" I yelled back out of embarrassment. "Oh, and when you get nervous, you let out this cute little studder." He said. I was as red as a cherry. "Baka!" I yelled as I ran out of the room. I heard him chuckle as the door shut.

I let out a small shudder as I walked off the ship. Aphmau was laying on the sand and talking to Laurence and Katelyn was punching a tree. When I walked onto the island, everyone stared at me. "I'll explain later. I need to think right now." I said as I walked into the forest of the strange island.

I was only walking about 10 minutes when I saw a small figure. They were as dark as a pitch black night. I tried to grab them, but my arm went through the figure. The thing then noticed me and ran away. "Wait!" I yelled after it. I ran after it as well as I could. I chased it over a large hill, until I saw something. "What the-" I started, but cut myself off when I finally realized what it was. There was a large village that looked as if you touched it, it would crumble to pieces. "Woah..." I only then realized the figure was gone. At that point, I didn't care. There was no way I could make it back in time for the sun to stay up, so I did the next best thing. I only let my wings out. They exploded out of my back and tore the skin apart. I grit my teeth because of the pain, and quickly flew back to the beach. When I saw it, I aimed right for the middle of it, and launched myself towards it. My wings vanished while I was still in the air, and I was still going towards the beach about as sharp as a bullet. When I finally reached it, I had to skid to a stop and after about 15 seconds, I stopped skidding across the sandy beach. I left a trail of dust and golden sand as everyone looked my way. "My, my! Young lady how did you ever crash into the beach at that speed?" I looked for the source of the sound, and my eyes landed on a man who looked a little over sixty with brown hair and a mustache running towards me. When he stopped .2 inches away from me, he bombarded my personal space with questions. "How are you able to transform like that? Where are your powers even from? It must be a mythical being! Which one is it? Are you related to them in some way? How did your armor and weapon materialize in thin air when you fought that thing? Are you related to the demon you fought on the beach? Is he a distant relativ-" Aphmau cut him off. "Chad, that's enough." She said with a small giggle. "Has this guy been here the whole time?" I asked with a look of shock. "Yeah, I guess he has been a bit quiet. Anyways, this is Chad Augustine III. I don't remember his full name, it's way too long." She said with a sweet smile. I nodded and turned my attention back to the weirdo. "Anyways, I was looking around when I saw this old village. I've never seen it before, and the fact that this place isn't even on the maps, means that we might be the first people to have discovered it in a long time." I said. Aphmau's eyes widened. "Where is it?" She asked. I sighed. "On top of that hill over there," I said while pointing to the hill. "but it's too late to try and get there. We should wait till morning." I finished. She nodded and started talking to Katelyn and Laurence. "So, are you related to a mythical being?" Chad asked. I sighed as sweat dropped from my face "I-If I tell you, will you leave me alone?" I asked. He nodded his head very fast. I sighed. "His name is Alexander, and he's a demon." I mumbled so that only he could hear me. "WHAT RELATIONSHIP DO YOU HAVE WITH THE DEMON ALEXANDER?!" He asked/screamed at the top of his lungs. I slapped my forehead. "He's my... d-dad." I hesitated. Chad's eyes widened. "The almighty demon Alexander found a way to give birth to a human child?!" He yelled again. "Chad, can you scream a little louder, I don't think O'Khasis can hear you quite yet." I said. Chad pouted. "Wait, (Y/N), your dad is Alexander?" Katelyn asked. I looked to the side as my hair shadowed over the top half of my face. I gave a single nod. "I'm sorry, who's that?" Aphmau asked. "A demon responsible for killing people in real life, or in their dreams. Mostly children. That's why he is also known as, and more commonly known as, the boogie man." Laurence answered. Aphmau gasped. "Really?" She asked. Laurence nodded. Travis came out of the ship. "What's going on?" He asked. I slowly walked over to him. "Long story, I'll tell you about it later." I said. He nodded as he followed me up the dock.


"Oh, okay." He said with a nod of understanding. I yawned as I stretched my arms in the air. "I'm tired." I said with drowsiness in my voice. "Hey
(Y/N)," Travis started as I looked at him. "Yeah?" I asked. "you still have a fang sticking out of your mouth." He said. "What?!" I said with worry as I grabbed a mirror and looked. Sure enough, there was a small fang sticking out of my mouth. "Don't worry! You look cute!" He said. Gee, thanks. I sighed. "Great! Just perfect! This is exactly what I need right now!" I said with frustration as I practically stomped my butt into the bed. I let out a small sigh. Then, out of no where, my stomach made the sound a dying whale would make. "Crap. I didn't even realize I was hungry." I said with a nervous laugh. "Here." Travis said. I looked over at him. He was holding a chicken leg in his hand, and offering it to me. "Where'd you get that?" I asked him. "We brought food. I got it from that chest over there." He said while pointing to a chest labeled 'Food'. I slowly grabbed it and took a small bite. Within seconds, all that remained was the bone. All the meet was sucked off of it too. He gave me a questioning look before chuckling. "What?" I asked him. He looked at me and gave me a 'hmm?' noise. "Why are you nice to me. You're not scared, it's almost as if you don't care that I'm a demon too. I'm practically the spawn of the devil. So why? Why do you offer me things, help me when I get hurt, heck, you flirted with me. Why?" I asked while looking down. He chuckled. I felt his fingers gently push my chin up to look him in the eye. I started to blush. "Cause you may not have a good home, or a good dad, but that doesn't mean you're not good. I trust you. And also, how could I be mean to a cutie like you?" He said. I was so red at this point. He smirked. I quickly let out a small 'eep' noise before getting up and walking to the barracks. "Th-Thank you Travis." I almost left, before I ran back to him and shut my eyes very tightly as I have him a small peck on the cheek. I ran out of the room, but not before seeing his face. He was the one blushing this time, and he looked dumbfounded at what I had just done.

It's your turn to feel awkward.

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