I am in misery

There ain't nobody who can comfort me

Why won't you answer me

The silence is slowly killing me

Girl you really got me bad

You really got me bad

I'm gonna get you back

Gonna get you back

Your salty skin and how

It mixes in with mine

The way it feels to be

Completely intertwined

Not that I didn't care

It's that I didn't know

It's not what I didn't feel,

It's what I didn't show

So let me be

And I'll set you free

Chapter 2

I sprayed lavender throughout the room, coating every inch of my bed in it's incense-

"What are you doing?!" Clay sharply asked.

I turned around and saw him still in his boxer briefs. My cheeks turned red and my mind went into a jumble.

"Hello!" he said waving a hand in my face.

I shook my head and came out of my spell, my cheeks turning an even darker shade of red. "Right... well the smell of lavender helps you sleep. I'm spraying some of it's incense around so that I can sleep soundly. It helps you always wake up the next morning energized, isn't that great?" I stopped and realized I had been babbling.

I nearly growled when I realized that Clay was trying to pull my bottle of sleep medicine out of my  hands.

"Hey! Mean Person!" I turned away from him so that he was out of reach and then began to spray my pillow.

"Is this really necessary?" he asked. I shivered, I could feel his towering presence standing behind me as I tried to spray my beige bed.

"It goes away in five minutes tops." I swore, my eyes bulging in annoyance.

He shook his head at me and then started towards his bed, "If I wake up smelling like Victoria's Secret then you are going to pay."

I rolled my eyes, "Your underwear smells like it anyway, what's the use of the rest of your body not smelling the same?" I muttered under my breath.

"I'm sorry what was that?" Barclay asked, an annoyed undertone to his voice as he crawled into bed. I didn't pay any notice to the muscles that flexed and protruded from his skin when he moved too much.

But I put on my look of innocence and smiled, "I was just wondering what kind of fabric softener you use."

He scoffed, "You smelled my clothes? Creep."

"If anyone's a creep you are, I mean you know you should have outgrown stuffed animals right?" I smirked.

He thought that he was slick, his stuffed teddy bear was sitting next to him in his bed, away from my view but I could still see the ears sticking out from under the covers- not to mention the prominent lump that was left in his comforter when he had went to the bathroom.

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